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Blood Orange Margarita Foot Scrub

Try out this foot scrub and toast to Cinco de Mayo today to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage.

Originally marked to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory at the Battle of Puebla, the day has become a popular Mexican-American holiday filled with dancing, parties, food, and FIESTAS!

Have no worries as you dance the night away this Cinco de Mayo, because we have the perfect foot scrub for you to get your feet feeling good as new. Whether you’re getting ready for a night of dancing or are preparing for work the next day, our Blood Orange Margarita Scrub will help soothe your sore muscles and keep you on your toes for days to come. Made with an exciting blend of oils and exfoliating ingredients, this blood orange essential oil scrub will keep you in a cheerful and celebratory mood for the entire day! 

Follow our Blood Orange Margarita Foot Scrub recipe to refresh your feet and keep the party going for another night of celebration:

Combine the ingredients and stir well. Store blood orange essential oil foot scrub in a sealed container.

Happy Cinco de Mayo


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