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2019 Year in Review

With each passing year, it’s important to look back on all of the challenges, changes, and opportunities for growth that have led up to your current success. It is through this careful reflection that we are able to rediscover ourselves. As a company, reviewing the past year helps us focus on the hard work and dedication that has gone into our company and products, as well as the endless support and positivity that we receive from our customers. 

So, what did we do in 2019? Let’s take a look:

2019 Year in Review

It’s rewarding to see all the positive changes that one year can bring, and we are so incredibly excited for what 2020 has to offer for the RMO team. We have some big plans in store — not only will we continue to provide only the highest quality of essential oils and products for our amazing customers, but we are also working to launch new and discontinued products, put a focus on customer care, and to redouble our efforts to help support worthy causes that share our love and respect for the environment.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support and trust in our company, team, and products. Here’s to a wonderful 2020!