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5 Ways to Reuse Your Essential Oil Bottles

As the RMO family continues to grow, so does the potential for waste from discarded packaging. Just as we take great care to protect the purity of our essential oils, we are also dedicated to protecting the earth that provides them. Like our RMO family, we strive to be environmentally sustainable. As we make the switch to using only shipping packaging made from 100% recycled material, we want to spread the word to our RMO family how you can reuse your essential oil bottles!
  1. Split: Two bottles are better than one, right? Fill an empty bottle with half the content of a newly purchased oil. Now you have your favorite oil at home and in your purse; it’s like magic! (Plug for travel case)
  2. Personalize: Follow any of our Essential Wednesday diffuser blend recipes and create a blend that can help awaken or soothe your senses. and fill an empty bottle. Now you’ve got a
  3. Dilute: Want to share your oils with your little one? Fill an empty bottle with 1 part essential oil and 9 parts fractionated coconut oil. Throw it in their backpack and they’ve got nature’s best with them always! (plug for Kid’s Line)
  4. Gift: Have a friend that also loves essential oils? Fill an empty bottle with a blend created just for them; it would make the best mother’s day gift!
  5. Freshen up the house: Before cleaning out empty bottles set them in a basket in the bathroom. The oil residue will create a natural potpourri.

Not in the mood to reuse your bottles? No biggie. We’ll take them! To become a more environmentally sustainable company, we’ve launched the industry’s first Bottle Recycling Program. We deliver all of our used bottles (including returns) to an authorized recycling center for proper disposal. You can also send us old essential bottles from any brand and we will recycle them for you. Learn more about our environmental sustainability program. Send used bottles to: Rocky Mountain Oils 15 E 400 S Orem, UT 84058 How do you like to repurpose your essential oil bottles?

Reimagining Uses: 5 Ways to Reuse Your Essential Oil Bottles

Essential oil bottles, with their intricate designs and sturdy build, are too precious to be thrown away. The essence of these oils is rejuvenation, and what better way to honor that spirit than by giving these bottles a second life? Moreover, in an age where waste constantly threatens our environment, finding innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint is imperative.

5 Ways to Reuse Your Essential Oil Bottles

Roll-On Perfume

Creating your roll-on perfume is not only eco-friendly but also incredibly satisfying.

Benefits of DIY Perfumes

Store-bought perfumes often come with hefty price tags and are packed with chemicals. By making your own, you can control the scents and ensure that only natural ingredients touch your skin.

Step-by-step Guide

Remove the original rollerball and clean the bottle.

Mix your chosen essential oils with a carrier oil.

Refill the bottle and reattach the rollerball.

Plant Watering Bulbs

Your plants will love you for this one!

Advantages of Using Essential Oil Bottles for Plants

These bottles release water slowly, ensuring your plants stay hydrated, especially when you're away.

Creating a Watering Bulb: A Simple Guide

Fill the bottle with water.

Quickly flip and push it into the soil near your plant's roots.

Homemade Reed Diffusers

Brighten up your living spaces with delightful fragrances.

Why Choose Homemade Over Store-bought?

Homemade diffusers are natural, cost-effective, and allow for customization.

Crafting Your Diffuser

Fill the bottle with a mixture of essential oil and carrier oil.

Insert reeds, allowing them to absorb and diffuse the scent.

Travel-sized Containers

Turn your bottles into perfect companions for your journeys.

Eco-friendly Travel Tips

Minimize waste during travels by refilling these bottles with your favorite products.

Refilling and Repurposing for Travel

Simply clean, sterilize, and fill with your chosen product.

Art and Craft Storage

Stay organized and inspire creativity.

Organizing with Essential Oil Bottles

Store small craft supplies like sequins, beads, and pins.

DIY Craft Projects Using the Bottles

Consider painting them or turning them into mini vases.

Caring for Your Essential Oil Bottles

Cleaning Methods

Use soapy water and a small brush.

Sterilization Processes

Rinse with rubbing alcohol and air dry.

Why Repurposing Matters

The positive environmental effects of reusing cannot be stressed enough. Not only does it reduce waste, but repurposing also reduces the demand for new raw materials. On a personal level, it invokes a sense of accomplishment and creativity.


Why should I reuse my essential Oil bottles?

Reusing essential oil bottles promotes sustainability and unlocks a myriad of creative potentials that one might not have imagined. Plus, every bottle you repurpose is one less item in the landfill. So, it's a win-win.

Can these reused bottles be given as gifts?

Absolutely! Think about it: a homemade roll-on perfume or a mini reed diffuser? These personalized gifts show thought, effort, and a touch of creativity. It's a perfect blend of eco-friendliness and sentimentality.

Is there any risk in reusing these bottles for edibles?

It's crucial to clean and sterilize the bottles thoroughly. While essential oils are generally safe, residues could be mixed with edibles. It's always a good idea to be on the safe side, especially if it's something you plan to ingest.

How do I remove the label from my essential oil bottle?

A warm, soapy soak usually does the trick! If there's sticky residue left, rubbing alcohol or a mixture of baking soda and coconut oil can be your best pals.

Can I paint or decorate the reused bottles?

Why not? It's your canvas! Whether you want to paint them, wrap them in twine, or add decorative stickers, the sky's the limit. Just make sure whatever you use is safe and non-toxic, especially if they're to be reused for edibles or skin products.

What should I avoid storing in these bottles?

Avoid storing perishable liquids or anything that might react with the residual essential oils. Always ensure they're adequately cleaned to avoid cross-contamination.


The art of repurposing essential oil bottles isn't just a trend; it's a lifestyle shift toward sustainability and creativity. Every bottle you repurpose is a testament to a world where we prioritize eco-conscious choices. The charm of an essential oil bottle, combined with its myriad of reuse potentials, makes it more than just a container; it becomes a story of transformation, resilience, and commitment to our planet.