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Essential Oil Testing and Quality

When it comes to essential oils and other natural products, it is important to make sure that the products you use are actually natural and of the highest quality. Why? Because products that contain any amount of adulterants, harsh chemicals, diluents, or synthetics can be harmful to you and your family. And in today's market, it seems like more and more companies are slipping these unwanted ingredients into their "natural" products, making it harder to find a company you can really trust. 

That's why our team at Rocky Mountain Oils is 100% committed to ensuring that the products you get from us are truly pure, natural, and of the highest quality possible. We want you to be able to use the natural products you want without having any worries in the back of your mind about whether or not the products you use are really as natural as they say. 

To ensure that we offer only the highest quality of oil, we have stringent quality testing guidelines that we follow for every batch of oil. Here's a quick overview of our testing process: 

Finding the Right Source

In order to have a high-quality oil, it must come from a sustainable farm. Sustainable farming means that farmers do not use chemicals or pesticides, and they follow organic farming techniques, among other things. At RMO, we ensure that suppliers and farms meet stringent product quality guidelines before we decide to work with them. 

Testing Samples

Before buying a batch of oil from a supplier, we test several samples to find the absolute best batch of oil. This testing process includes GC/MS testing and pesticide testing to verify an oil's purity. If the test results show any amount or kind of adulterants, chemicals, diluents, or synthetics, or if the material constituents levels do not meet the necessary standards, we reject the batch. If a sample passes the tests, we place a bulk order of the batch from which the sample came. 

Third-Party Testing

Once we receive our batch order, we have our independent, third-party lab put it through yet another round of testing. The lab performs another GC/MS test to ensure that we received the same batch of oil that we originally tested and ordered. This second round of testing also ensures that the oil you receive is truly 100% pure, natural, and therapeutic. 

In-House Testing

After our third-party lab confirms that our batch of oil is pure, we do multiple spot tests at our facility to make sure that the oil meets our own Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Our Quality Control team supervises these spot tests to verify the procedure and confirm test results. 


Finally, our oil is ready to bottle, but that doesn't mean we are any less careful with our batch of oil. Our Production team carefully bottles the essential oil in our facility for maximum quality assurance. In short, we bottle the majority of our essential oils in-house to ensure that it is still pure when it arrives to you. Only on rare occasions do we bottle our oils off-site, but we take extra measures to ensure that the oil remains pure. 


Why do we make such a big deal about quality and testing? Because we care about you and your safety. We know that you are looking for truly natural products with no hidden chemicals so that you can care for yourself and your family without any worries -- and we are proud to offer just that. To learn more about our testing and quality processes, click here.