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Hydrate Your Skin with Tohi’s New Daily Moisturizer

Imagine going a day without water. Think about how dry and uncomfortable your throat and tongue would be. Beyond feeling parched and miserable, lack of hydration can lead to serious health issues.

But what about your skin? How much water does it need? Going more than a day without properly hydrating your skin can have consequences on how it looks and feels. Wrinkles become more apparent, lines form, and that vibrant, youthful glow starts to fade. To protect your skin and keep it nourished from head to toe, check out the new daily moisturizer, Nature’s Moisture, from Rocky Mountain Oils’ newest Tohi line.

When combined with your favorite Rocky Mountain pure essential oil(s), Nature’s Moisture helps regulate skin so it’s well balanced. Using the proper dilution ratio, the combination of moisturizer and essential oil can bolster your ability to prevent blemishes by boosting your skin’s overall health.

Massaging Nature’s Moisture into the hands and the body helps the skin’s appearance and texture. Clinically proven ingredients like DL Lipids II actually work to balance moisture levels by attracting water to skin cells. Hydrintense, a component originating from red microalgae, locks in water by acting as a shield to protect and hydrate for around-the-clock moisture.

Our intensely hydrating, nutrient-rich hand and body moisturizer contains:

  • Shea Butter, which helps mitigate skin conditions like wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • Olive Oil, an ancient remedy used to ward off bacteria and moisturize skin.
  • Sunflower Oil, which soothes skin while promoting cell regeneration.

Apply Nature’s Moisture for maximum results by gently rubbing the moisturizer in tiny circles to massage the area and improve circulation to tissue. This technique promotes the production of new skin cells and kick-starts the body to naturally manufacture collagen and elastin, structural proteins that help keep skin looking young.

While people with particularly oily skin sometimes shy away from moisturizers, Nature’s Moisture offers a lightweight, non-greasy solution for any skin type.

Mature skin types benefit from Nature’s Moisture, too. Aging skin is often dryer and regenerates cells at a slower rate, thus requiring extra hydration to stay nourished. The gentle combination of shea butter, olive oil, and sunflower oil in Nature’s Moisture delivers a powerful dose of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that strengthen skin and helps retain a well-balanced texture.

Don’t take your skin’s hydration for granted. We designed our Tohi line to encourage mind, body, and spirit harmony. Daily use of Nature’s Moisture, regardless of age or skin type, coaxes soft, smooth skin texture while enhancing your outer glow … and leaving you with a confident inner glow. We’d call that a success.

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