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Introducing RMO’s Better Butter!

Say goodbye to dry, itchy, irritated skin with RMO’s newest addition, Better Butter!

With butter ingredients like coconut, shea, cocoa, mango, murumuru, and sunflower, Better Butter combines the most powerful natural, moisturizing butters in the world into one sumptuous product. Simply warm your hands and massage the butter into your skin. Watch the butter quickly absorb into your skin, leaving no greasy residue!

Want to add your favorite scent? Apply only a few drops of essential oil into your butter, and you will have created your own moisturizing perfume! Transform your skin into healthy, nourished skin and see for yourself why this butter truly is better. ___________________________________________________________________________ Helpful tip: To obtain the desired amount of Better Butter, use the back of your fingernail to scoop up the butter as it is a solid that will melt in the warmth of your hands.


Rocky Mountain Oils Better Butter! - 9 Proven Benefits You Didn't Know!

RMO Better Butter! It isn't just a fancy name. It represents a commitment to natural wellness, a holistic approach to beauty, and an experience that's simply unparalleled. For those unfamiliar with this product, prepare to embark on an enlightening journey.

The Origin of RMO Better Butter!

Steeped in tradition and rooted in the pristine landscapes of the Rockies, the Better Butter's origin story is a tale of dedication. The creators wanted something that could harness nature's bounty while ensuring sustainability.

Key Ingredients in Better Butter

Every jar is a blend of nature's best:

  • Essential oils sourced from the finest farms
  • Shea butter to nourish and heal
  • Antioxidant-rich components that fight aging

Benefits of Using RMO Better Butter!

Hydration and Skin Health

Smooth, radiant, and plump skin isn't a dream anymore. With its hydration properties, it's no surprise that many have swapped their regular lotions for this.

Relaxation and Aromatherapy

Close your eyes and imagine the serene environment of the Rockies. That's the relaxation experience this butter promises with its aromatic blend.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

With a surge in demand for organic products, Better Butter ensures a product free from harmful chemicals, aligning with your health-conscious decisions.

How to Use RMO Better Butter!

For Beauty Regimens

Whether it's a night-time routine or prepping for a day out, a small dollop ensures skin health.

For Relaxation Practices

Combine with your preferred essential oils, and it's the perfect companion for a relaxing massage or a tranquil bath.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store it in a cool, dry place to retain its pristine quality. Its long shelf life ensures you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Comparisons with Other Oils and Butters

Price Comparison

Though a premium product, its cost aligns well with its unmatched quality and benefits.

Effectiveness and Quality

Standing head and shoulders above its peers, the consistent quality has made it a favorite.

RMO Better Butter! for Professionals

This product has garnered rave reviews in professional circles, especially among dermatologists and spa owners.

Personal Experiences with RMO Better Butter!

During my quest for holistic beauty products, stumbling upon Better Butter was serendipitous. The immediate difference in my skin texture and the therapeutic aroma made it a mainstay in my regimen.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Jane from Colorado shares, "It's a game-changer! My skin has never felt better."

The Science Behind RMO Better Butter!

Research has shown that its ingredients are safe and highly effective in skin rejuvenation and relaxation.

Potential Side Effects

While generally safe, always do a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Where to Buy RMO Better Butter!

Rocky Mountain Oils Website: The official website of Rocky Mountain Oils is a reliable source for their products. You can visit their website, explore their range of essential oils, and place an order directly.


What makes this product stand out from its counterparts?

Its unique blend of natural ingredients and the brand's commitment to quality make it unparalleled.

How often can one use it?

Daily use is recommended for best results, but always follow the guidelines or consult a dermatologist.

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely! However, as with any product, a patch test is always a good practice.

What is its shelf life?

Approximately two years, but always check the manufacturing date.

Can it be used with other beauty products?

Yes, it complements other products nicely but always ensures no ingredient conflict.

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes, the brand ensures sustainable practices in its creation.


Rocky Mountain Oils Better Butter! is more than just a product. It's a commitment to your well-being, a promise of natural beauty, and a journey towards a healthier you.