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Lavender Essential Oil - History & Health Benefits

Lavender Essential Oil - History & Health Benefits

Aside from its pleasing aroma, Lavender Essential Oil is great for a number of applications. They include:

Lavender Oil for Calming
Diffusing Lavender Essential Oil in the home or applying it topically offers soothing properties that help uplift the mind and mood.

Lavender Essential Oil for A Peaceful Night’s Rest
Lavender is the perfect option for getting a better night's rest. With it’s calming properties, it’s no wonder why so many

Lavender has been around for much of human history. Ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Indians employed the herb for its medicinal, therapeutic, and even culinary properties. When King Tut’s tomb was discovered in the early 1920s, archaeologists found lavender inside … which even retained some of its scent over all those centuries. You’ll also find references to lavender in medical textbooks and the Bible.