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Learn the Essential Language

Are you a beginner in the world of essential oils or new to our RMO family? Welcome! We are thrilled to have you here! We know that starting out in the essential oils world can be overwhelming. With a plethora of information and opinions, not to mention all the new vocab, we want you to know that we are here to help you with all of your questions.

To succeed with essential oils and really experience the benefits they offer, you must begin with one of the basic steps: learning the language of essential oils. That’s right. You’re about to add a new language to your list of achievements! Congrats! Simply review the glossary below and you’ll be speaking essential oils in no time.

Adulterant: a foreign substance or chemical in an essential oil

Aromatherapy: the beneficial and aromatic use of essential oils

Batch number: a six-digit code found on the bottom of all RMO bottles; this code can be entered into the website to find the GC/MS test results of that particular batch of oil

Botanical: the name of the plant from which the essential oil is derived

Blend: a mixture of essential oil and carrier oil

Carrier Oil: a vegetable, seed, or nut oil commonly mixed with an essential oil to lessen the essential oil’s potency

Chemotype: a chemically distinct entity in a plant or microorganism, with differences in the composition of the secondary metabolites

Cold Press: an extraction method using a centrifuge to separate the natural oil from the skin or peel of a fruit

Constituent: a component or substance found in an essential oil

Diffuser: device used to disperse essential oil molecules through the air, so that their aroma and beneficial properties fill an area

Dilution: the process of making an essential oil not as concentrated, by adding carrier oil

Distillation: the action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating and/or cooling

Essential Oil: the aroma and beneficial properties of a plant condensed into a highly concentrated liquid

Extraction: the process of obtaining the essential oil from its plant source

F.C.O.: an abbreviation used for fractionated coconut oil, a stainless and scentless carrier oil commonly used for blending purposes; this carrier oil is a “fraction” of coconut oil that remains liquid at room temperature unlike coconut oil found in a grocery store GC/MS

test: an abbreviation for the gas chromatography mass spectrometry test used to expose all constituents of an oil and show if an oil is pure

Hot Oils: oils that can cause a burning sensation when applied directly to the skin without a carrier oil

Neat: applying essential oils "neat" refers to the topical application without the use of a carrier oil

Patch Test: for first-time use of an essential oil, a safe practice is to place a drop of diluted essential oil on a small area of skin such as the inside of the elbow. After application, be aware of adverse reactions for the first 24 hours. Possibly reactions include skin irritation, headache, nausea, respiratory complaints, or dizziness

Phototoxic some essential oils are phototoxic. Making the skin more sensitive to the damage caused by UV rays. When a phototoxic oil is applied topically avoid sun and tanning bed exposure for up to 24 hours. (examples citrus oils like Lemon, Bergamot, and Lime)

Potency: the aromatic and therapeutic strength of an essential oil

Refined: impurities or unwanted elements removed through processing

S.A.A.F.E. Promise: an abbreviation for our quality promise; stands for satisfaction guaranteed, analysis, authentic, free of adulterants, pure and therapeutic

Single: term used for an essential oil, nothing else added

Synergy: a combination of multiple single essential oils blended together

Topical application: the process of gently massaging essential oils into the skin to receive the beneficial properties

Unrefined: not processed to remove impurities or unwanted elements   Now you are in the know with all the “essential” buzzwords! You are on your way to being a pro.