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Rocky Mountain Oils Celebrates 17 Years with New Headquarters on Florida’s Space Coast

By: Hana Taha

MELBOURNE, FL -- Based out of Orem, Utah, Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) celebrates 17 years as an essential oils industry leader with the launch of its 2nd headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.

The decision to bring their executive & marketing team to Florida came after the realization that the Space Coast area showed a plethora of talent due to the up-and-coming tech & economic growth seen in recent years.

“Our move to Florida was our first big step towards our plan to double employment and company growth over the next year. I am passionate about giving a voice to women, and I love that 65% of our staff are female and 40% of which are in management roles,” Phoenix Vincent, CEO of RMO, said. “We are in the business of expanding, innovating, and breaking glass ceilings. Each day we have a positive impact on our customers and community is the biggest success in my eyes.”

Phoenix Vincent - Rocky Mountain Oils CEO

As a growing small business, RMO set the industry standard as the first direct-to-consumer essential oils company to make GC/MS batch test results on all oils and blends available to the public under their full transparency S.A.A.F.E. promise. With recognition from trusted sources such as Bustle, New York Magazine & Women’s Health Magazine, RMO has consulted with top business leaders like marketing expert Jay Abraham and The Six-Figure Coach, Keith Cunnigham, to drive sustainable financial performance and business growth.

RMO’s commitment to providing essential oils and products of the highest quality through sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and production practices has recently earned them the honor of being a GMP-certified manufacturer.

As a company that prioritizes philanthropic work, RMO has pledged to grow, stimulate, and give back to local communities, through donations and health initiatives. Over the past year, RMO has donated almost 1000 essential oils and diffusers to our front-line workers, nurses, teachers, and military families to highlight the importance of health and wellness to our local community.

ABOUT Rocky Mountain Oils

Founded in 2004, RMO is a leading non-MLM purveyor of 100% pure, natural, and authentic essential oils, expertly crafted blends, and wellness products. With 17 years of experience as a direct-to-consumer holistic wellness company, RMO’s goal is to stimulate and nurture local communities while promoting natural health and wellness. Visit their website at to learn more about their company, products, and community development initiatives.

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