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5 Ways to Show Gratitude Each Day

Life has a way of getting away from us sometimes. With our ever-changing schedules and a near-constant strive toward bigger and better things, it can be a challenge to hit the pause button and be thankful for what we have instead of what we want. So, how can we break the habit of simply existing, and start showing our appreciation for all that life has tfo offer?

Gratitude is so much more than a simple “thank you” when a stranger offers you a favor. Learn how to enrich your life, as well as the lives of others, with these five simple actions you can take to help foster a more positive outlook of the world, and create more enriching experiences each day.

5 Ways to Show Gratitude Each Day

1. Include an intentional act of kindness into your daily routine.

For most people, completing acts of kindness is almost second-nature, which is a beautiful thing in and of itself. However, many individuals can grow and learn to appreciate the spirit of giving when they become active participants in the push toward generosity. Help to cultivate a system of kindness by intentionally completing an act of goodwill each day. Something as simple as paying for a stranger’s coffee or complimenting your coworker’s new haircut can mean the world to someone else, and it will help you to be more thankful for future generosity.

2. Verbalize your thankfulness with care.

Next time you’re treated to a moment of kindness or generosity, skip the text or email. It can be second-nature to express our gratitude through social channels or phone messaging systems, but a face-to-face conversation or a hand-written note can be so much more personal and effective in showcasing your thankfulness. Taking the extra time and effort to express your gratitude toward others will help develop a deeper appreciation for these acts of kindness in the future.

3. Pick the short straw.

Nobody wants to be stuck doing the unpleasant tasks when at home or work, but every once in a while, make it your goal to consciously choose and complete these unsavory activities by yourself. Not only will your decision help to lighten the load of others surrounding you, but it will also allow you to be more appreciative the next time you are tasked with the easier job or activity.

4. Reach out.

As we get older and our schedules change, it can be increasingly difficult to maintain close relationships with our family, friends, and neighbors. Overcome the hustle and bustle of life by taking a moment to reach out and make a connection with someone. No matter if this person is a long-time friend with whom you’ve fallen out of touch, or a new coworker who is still trying to learn the ropes, this simple gesture of friendship and human connectivity is an incredibly powerful way to show your appreciation and foster positive relationships with others.

5. Savor the little things.

Time has a funny way of passing us by, and if we’re not careful, we may end up missing so many moments of beauty and bliss. Show thanks by giving yourself the opportunity to be present in your day-to-day activities. Sit down to a meal with your family without the distraction of phones or television. Go for a walk in your neighborhood and take note of the changes being made in your community. Remain an active participant in your life, and learn to better appreciate even the smallest moments in your day.

It can be only too easy to focus on the things that we want instead of the things that we have. By taking the time to focus on what we are thankful for, we can all spread a little extra love, joy, and compassion into our daily activities. Take a few moments today to promote compassion and care in your life can help you learn to be more thankful and gracious in the long-run. How will you show gratitude today?