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The Holly Jolly Ritual: A Cheesy Christmas Movie Countdown

Hey, Phoenix here!

As the festive season rolls in with the scent of pine and the jingle of bells, many of us embrace heartwarming traditions that fill our days with joy and our nights with the soft glow of nostalgia. But in my sister’s home, there’s a peculiar yuletide ritual that could make even Santa chuckle—a Cheesy Christmas Movie Marathon!

Yes, you read that right. Starting from December 1st all the way to Christmas Day, my sister and her husband commit to watching one cheesy Christmas flick a day!

So grab your favorite blanket and a cup of hot cocoa, because I’m about to unwrap a list of must-watch cheesy Christmas movies. And who knows? By the end of it, you might want to start this hilariously heartfelt tradition too!

  1. Mistletoe Match- Join Olivia, our undercover reporter, as she uncovers juicy details about the Mistletoe Match. A fake-out kiss with Thomas, another participant, turns into something real. Will Olivia choose love or work? Get ready for this heart-fluttering ride!
  2. A Cowboy Christmas- Ella, a NYC resident with high ambitions, travels to Canada for work. She meets Cole, a rancher, and starts developing feelings for him. Will Ella's love for the city skyline turn into a desire for the starry skies of the ranch? Find out in this rom-com! 
  3. A Christmas Puppy- Fun fact: This movie is NOT about a puppy.  It also does not have the puppy on the cover in the movie at all! 😉
  4. 12 Dates of Christmas- Kate wants to win back her ex on Christmas Eve, but her blind date Miles is unimpressed. She gets twelve do-overs to get it right, find love, and maybe realize that Mr. Right was there all along. Get ready to laugh and cheer as Kate learns that true love is worth fighting for.
  5. Cranberry Christmas - Watch as former sweethearts fake a happy marriage, hoping to boost their business and their town's holiday festivities. Will their pretend kisses become real? But a plot twist emerges when new romantic prospects appear. Will they find a way to reconcile or end it for good? 
  6. Haul Out The Holly -Emily returns home to spend time with her parents, but much to her surprise, they're on vacation. The neighborhood residents invite her to participate in their Christmas celebrations, bringing in festive decorations and holiday cheer. It's going to be a jolly and bright neighborhood affair!
  7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas - The Postables, a team of mail carriers, help people find love as they deliver divorce papers, but things get complicated when Oliver's long-lost wife suddenly reappears.
  8. Jingle Bell Bride - A savvy wedding planner jets off to snowy Alaska on a mission for the perfect petal for a star-studded "I do." But whoa, what's this? Amidst the icy blooms, she stumbles into the arms of a dashing Alaskan hunk. It's love at frost sight!
  9. Road to Christmas -Maggie Baker, a TV whiz from LA, lands in a plot twist of her own making when she tumbles head over heels for Danny Wise. He's not just any guy—he's the whiz kid behind his mom's famous Christmas show. Talk about a holiday surprise!
  10. Christmas Everlasting -The holiday countdown is on, and Lucy's about to cash in on all those long office hours. But, plot twist: she's got to zip back to Nilson's Bay, not for eggnog and mistletoe, but to sort out her late sister's affairs. Talk about an unwelcome winter task!
  11. The Christmas Ornament -Kathy plans to skip holiday traditions to avoid memories of her late husband. However, a shiny ornament from a charming shop owner inspires her to mix the past with hope for the future. Thus, Kathy balances the season with nostalgia and anticipation.
  12. One Royal Holiday -Anna's just being her cozy self when she invites a mom and kiddo to dodge a snowstorm at her place. Surprise—turns out they're royalty from Galwick, and guess what? They could use a sprinkle of Christmas sparkle just like the rest of us!
  13. Hannukah on Rye -A clever matchmaker lights the spark between two deli owners during Hanukkah, but things get as twisty as a dreidel when they find out they're rivals. Will their budding romance sizzle like latkes or fizzle out?
  14. Holly & Ivy -Melody's got a heart as big as her to-do list when her friend Nina shares some tough news. She pinky-promises to keep Nina's little ones, Holly & Ivy, under one cozy roof. Now, she's teaming up with Adam, the fix-it wizard, to turn her new quirky house into a dream home for her soon-to-be bigger fam!
  15. A Gingerbread Romance - As our architect buddy teams up with a baker to whip up a winning gingerbread house, she starts craving her very own pad where she can hang her blueprints and kick off her boots. Who knew cookie walls could feel so much like home?
  16. Noel Next Door - A mom finds herself in a holiday word-spar with her grumpy neighbor, who's about as merry as a lump of coal. But plot twist: this Christmas-cranky guy turns out to be Mr. Right, stealing her heart like he's sneaking extra candy canes!
  17. Christmas in Evergreen- Our small-town animal doc is shaking up a snow globe and crossing her fingers for a mistletoe miracle to nudge her main squeeze into some serious romance this Christmas. Time for some holiday magic!
  18. The Christmas Waltz - Left solo before her jingle-bell wedding, our gal says "No way!" to moping and "Yes, please!" to those ballroom dance classes meant for her first dance. Watch out, dance floor, here she comes with all the right moves!
  19. Christmas in Vienna - Jess, our violinist who's lost her groove, jets off to Vienna to play some tunes. But what's this? Vienna's magic does its thing, and she finds her lost zing—and, oh look, a side of romance too!
  20. Miracle - A dad juggling the wild world of twin six-year-olds is just about at his wit's end—until a super housekeeper breezes in! She's like a wizard with a mop and a guru of the heart, turning his topsy-turvy house into a home. And guess what? It's all from a Debbie Macomber bestseller!
  21. Christmas Cookies - A big-city corporate hotshot pops into a cozy little town with a mission to gobble up a cookie company and close its doors. But plot twist: she falls head-over-heels for the cookie king himself, and whoosh—gets swept up in the town's twinkly, jingly Christmas vibes!
  22. The Christmas Cottage- A chic designer is all in to plan her BFF's holiday "I dos," when who should she bump into but her blast-from-the-past sweetheart. Cue the twinkling lights and old sparks flying!
  23. Finding Christmas -A grumpy NYC exec and a down-in-the-dumps North Carolina fix-it guy swap pads over the holidays. Surprise, surprise—they both stumble into sweet, unexpected Christmas romances!
  24. Catch a Christmas Star -A single dad with a past as a high school heartthrob gets a nudge from his kiddos to rekindle a spark with his old flame—who just happens to be one of the glitziest pop stars around!
  25. The Christmas Train -A grumpy reporter's got to hustle from D.C. to L.A. before Santa's big day, and guess what? The train's his one-way ticket to get there on the holiday express!

Cue the snowfall and twinkling lights; these films are perfect for a winter night in. Whether you're in the mood for some classic feel-good moments, a little holiday magic, or a love story with a dash of Christmas cheer, this list has something to warm every rom-com lover's heart. 

And while you settle in for your holiday viewing spree, enhance the ambiance with the aromatic bliss of Christmas-themed essential oils like the new addition to our family - Douglas Fir Essential Oil - redolent with the crisp, clean scent of snow-dusted fir trees! This essential oil encapsulates the very soul of Christmas, evoking memories of festive wreaths and the verdant charm of fresh holiday trees. Incorporating just a few drops into your diffuser or homemade potpourri can transform your home into a Yuletide haven, wrapping your senses in the cozy, comforting arms of Christmas cheer!

So, may you delight in the cozy fusion of the heart-stirring plots above and the festive essence of Christmas with each movie night.

Enjoy your festive film binge!