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Concentrate Essential Oil Blend has a soft, clean scent with sweet, woodsy notes.

Concentrate Essential Oil Blend’s Vetiver constituent helps focus concentration, reduce mental distractions, and sharpen awareness, which makes this blend a great choice to apply before school and during homework time.

This blend is part of our Kids Line Collection. The roll-on comes pre-diluted at a two percent dilution and is safe to apply topically on children who are two years or older.

To learn more about why we chose a two percent dilution ratio for our Kids Line blends, please click here.

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Happy Mom!
I purchased the Concentrate roll-on for my 8 year old son who has Anxiety, Sensory Pricessing Disorder and ADHD. I specifically wanted the roll on so he could use it on himself and take it to school for use there. After trying it for a week I can say I am pleasantly surprised at its effect. First of all it smells great, not to overwhelming. Second, on days I forget to give it to my son I find he is very restless and jittery and often says he feels "off" but not for a particular reason. That is typical for him. On days he uses Concentrate, I see a lot less of that. Finally, my son reminds ME to grt his oil because he feels better when he uses it. I will definitely be purchasing this item again and again! PS my skeptical husband has been caught using a dab or two when he thinks no one's watching!
September 23, 2016
My 5 year old son
My 5 year old son struggles with sitting still in kindergarten and concentrating on what he's suppose to be doing. A colleague of mine suggested I try using the Concentrate essential oil from RMO on him. It smells good. The roll on applicator makes it easy to apply. I dont know how much it helps at school, because he still has bad days. However, we did lose it one day, and his teacher said she could tell a big difference. I have ordered more, and we will continue trying it. Shipping was fast. Thanks RMO!
October 13, 2016
Skeptical but it really works
I have been using this on my 7 year old son the last 2 weeks. We homeschool and he has a hard time staying focused and concentrating. I used it a couple days in a row and was amazed how well he was doing, I thought no way the oil is that good, maybe he's just having a really good day. So the next day I didn't put it on him. He could not sit still or concentrate.l, I couldn't handle him. Or doing his school so I put the oil on him and 10 minutes later he had no problem getting it done! I told my husband and he said it was just a placebo effect but I told him our son had no clue why I put the oils on him. The second week I tested again not putting the oils on him and I saw him regress, not even 10 minutes after putting the oil on Him he was able to get his school done easily. I put it on him in the morning and after lunch if he still has school left to do. I love this product and I hope it sticks around.
January 19, 2017
Felt it really helped my grandson
My husband and I felt it really helped my active five year-old grandson calm down and focus. The smell is much better than using Vetiver by itself. I am going to purchase the adult version for myself.
September 22, 2016
I homeschool my kids and they love putting this on before school each morning. I use some, too! I do feel it helps us all wake up and focus!
October 4, 2016
just started using it
I just purchased this for my daughter to help her focus in school and while doing homework. Since she is currently on winter break, I haven't had a good opportunity to use it on her, so I brought it to work with me and I noticed a difference in my ability to stay on top of my work. I also noticed that it benefits productivity when cleaning up around the house.
January 4, 2017
Such a Difference for my 5 Year Old Son
I bought this for my 5 year old son. He started out kindergarten well, but some time in October I started getting notes about his behavior. Usually one teacher or another would comment that if s/he were next to him, he did fine. But as soon as they left he would get distracted and get off task. It got to be a daily occurrence when he was at school. I figured essential oils were worth a try, and this was my first purchase from RMO. I first tried it on the back of his neck, his teacher said she saw some improvement. The next time he went to school I slathered it on the bottom of his feet. He had a great day! I've been putting it on the bottom of his feet, for school, ever since and have not received one note home! I'm so impressed!
January 15, 2017
I am a homeschool mom of 2. I feel like it's already hard enough to keep my kids attention being that our home already has enough distraction(toys, dogs, tv, etc). This does wonders for my 4th grader but for my boy in kindergarten who simply would not and could not sit still longer than 5 minutes, this blend has been a game changer!!! He can now "concentrate" on what we are doing and seems to be able to sit a bit longer!! I'd recommend this oil!
January 29, 2017
Helping my introverted daughter
My daughter easily feels overwhelmed by a crowd. In gymnastics class, there is always more than one group of kids rotating around the gym with their respective coach. When I apply this rollerball to the back of her neck, she seems more able to enter the noisy gym without shrinking back. She also seems to be able to focus on what her own coach is saying. She loves the smell, and asks for it in other crowded contexts, too. Like going to the grocery store, church, and more.
January 6, 2017
Concentrate is great!
This was my first RMO purchase & I was beyond pleased! Shipping was super fast & the quality is awesome. I love the rollerball line - it's so easy to use and convenient for travel as well!
November 18, 2016
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Rocky Mountain Oils Store
Debra G on Jun 24, 2017
For my daughter when taking tests.
Susan H. on Jun 23, 2017
Debra G on Jun 24, 2017
For my husband and me. We do not multitask as well as we should...
Kathleen L on Jun 23, 2017
For my daughter when taking tests.
Susan H. on Jun 23, 2017
Daughter who needs help afternoon focusing for homework
Jennifer P on Jun 23, 2017
I want to think clearly so I can write in a lucid fashion.
Heidi M on Jun 22, 2017
I am in school so I sometimes need that little something to get me focused. So I will try this on myself and my children.
Na'ima N on Jun 22, 2017
for the scent, plan to wear it in place of perfume.
Tiffany L on Jun 22, 2017
To help my son focus on schoolwork.
Bethany M on Jun 22, 2017
Personal Use
Erica C on Jun 22, 2017
I have a son starting school in the fall and hope that this will help him with school.
Cathy G on Jun 21, 2017
To help me concentrate and to clear my mind.
Tracy G on Jun 21, 2017
I have not used this oil blend yet. I purchased to see if it will help my grandson focus with his school work.
Carrie T on Jun 21, 2017
Help us focus!
Beverly W on Jun 20, 2017
To help myself with focus
Elaine A on Jun 19, 2017
Want to try it!
GRETCHEN M on Jun 19, 2017
For a child with concentration problems
Carol H on Jun 19, 2017
Safety for kids
Pamela D on Jun 11, 2017
My 7 year old son has difficulty focusing, hoping this will help
Jennifer H on Jun 2, 2017
I would like to try this product to see if it will help my 6 year old son. The reviews were very positive, so I thought I would go ahead and order!
Jamie B. on Jun 1, 2017
i choose this because of the great reviews
happy L on May 30, 2017
For my teenaged son who hates school.
Alison A on May 30, 2017
to help my son with his school work
christiane l on May 27, 2017
Active kids
Kelly R on May 23, 2017
For my 4 year old for homeschool
Sharon P on May 21, 2017
for my grandchildren
Jolene C on May 21, 2017
After reading the reviews, I decided to purchase this to see if it helps my son focus in school
Candice J on May 21, 2017
Hoping it will help with concentration
Melanie Wagner S on May 21, 2017
My daughter has a hard time focusing.
Gabriele M on May 20, 2017
My 7-year-old son has trouble focusing in school, so thought I would give EO a try to help him.
Michelle M on May 20, 2017
to help our children focus and calm
Lauren T on May 20, 2017
For my 11 year old--for school work.
Jennifer D on May 19, 2017
Chose this because it helps me and my son focus on our tasks better.
Cathy N on May 19, 2017
Teacher approved!
kyle W on May 16, 2017
kids for homeschooling
Tara E on May 11, 2017
For myself and my son--we both struggle with maintaining focus.
Mikael P on May 6, 2017
for childs attention
NATHALENE M on May 6, 2017
to help my children stay focus
Rocelia O on May 5, 2017
I want to see if it will help my children who have difficulty concentrating, to concentrate. AND it was on sale, so what better time to try!
LORI A on May 5, 2017
My son needs help concentrating in his classroom
Edith S on May 5, 2017
For my distracted children. Hope to help them stay on task.
Faith M on May 5, 2017
To hopefully improve my focus and concentration
Megan W on May 5, 2017
I wanted something small to carry in my purse so when I need an extra boost of focus, it will be easily accessible.
Lisa F on May 5, 2017
Hoping this will help my child with her focus during school.
MIRIAM G on May 5, 2017
My 5 year old needs help concentrating on homework and schoolwork. He just wants to do everything by focus on the task at hand.
Jennifer T on May 4, 2017
I need help concentrating at the end of the day.
Christine V on May 4, 2017
My son has focusing issues and I want to try this oil to see how it helps.
Andi B on May 3, 2017
I need to try this product too
JMF on May 3, 2017
I have a child with attention issues so I thought Id try it.
Wendy S on May 3, 2017
My daughter has the immune one and I can't wait to try this!
Taylor R. on May 3, 2017
Help my teenager focus in school.
Sarah V on May 3, 2017
For my husband and me. We do not multitask as well as we should...
Kathleen L on Jun 23, 2017
Daughter who needs help afternoon focusing for homework
Jennifer P on Jun 23, 2017
What is difference between Attention Assist vs Concentrate?
Sheri O on May 4, 2017
Attention Assist
Attention Assist
BEST ANSWER: Concentrate Essential Oil Blend is prepped for topical application on children 2 years +. Attention Assist is great to diffuse and should be diluted before applying topically.
My daughter struggles with focusing during schoolwork. Where do you find is the best place to apply this oil?
Heidi H on May 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The most common areas for topical application include rubbing the diluted oil on the back of the neck, behind the ear, on the wrist, the bottom of the feet or on the targeted area.