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Wool Dryer Balls, A Natural Alternative

Dryer balls are a great economical and environmentally friendly way to do laundry. As a natural alternative to dryer sheets, our wool dryer balls can be reused over and over again. Our dryer balls are made with 100% Organic New Zealand Wool and they come unscented so you can add your favorite essential oil to provide a fresh and clean scent.

How do Dryer Balls Work?

Dryer balls bounce around in your dryer working their way between layers of fabric, separating them so that the warm air can circulate more efficiently to speed up drying time.

Benefits of Dryer Balls

  • Shorten drying time
  • Chemical Free
  • Hypoallergenic - great for babies or for sensitive skin
  • Decrease static
  • Soften laundry
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Naturally scented with your choice of essential oil
  • Replace dryer sheets, saving you money!

How to Use Your Dryer Balls

Because they need room to bounce around and work their way between fabrics, your dryer balls work best when your dryer isn’t packed full. Small-medium loads will dry faster and more efficiently. To add fragrance to your dryer balls add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil to each wool dryer ball. Be sure to let the essential oil dry on the ball before adding to the dryer. Re-scent your dryer balls every 4-5 loads or as desired for the best scent.

Reducing Static Cling

While our wool dryer balls will help reduce static cling, you may still notice some static on your clothing because they are chemical free. There are a few things that cause static cling like, over-drying your clothes, and synthetic materials. Here are a few tips to eliminate static cling with your dryer balls

  • Separate synthetics materials from the rest of your laundry
  • Spray your dryer balls with water before putting them in the dryer
  • Pin a small safety pin to one ball to diffuse static

You can purchase our 100% Organic Wool Dryer Balls here.

The Fantastic Benefits of Wool Dryer Balls, A Natural Alternative

Wool dryer balls have emerged as a game-changer in laundry aids. These nifty, natural balls are not only beneficial for the environment but also for our health and pockets. Let's delve into the multifaceted world of these eco-friendly marvels.

Wool Dryer Balls, A Natural Alternative

For decades, we've relied on synthetic dryer sheets and fabric softeners. While they might make our clothes feel softer, they have various downsides, including potential allergens and environmental concerns. Wool dryer balls, however, offer a holistic approach, ensuring our clothes are smooth, free from static, and naturally fragrant if one wishes.

History of Dryer Aids

From the old tennis ball trick to synthetic softeners, the journey of dryer aids has been fascinating. Yet, despite the myriad options, wool dryer balls stand out due to their natural origin and efficacy.

Why Choose Wool Over Plastic or Tennis Balls?

Wool is not only sustainable but also gentle on our fabrics. Unlike plastic or tennis balls, which can deteriorate and release harmful compounds, wool is organic, biodegradable, and gentle on our clothes.

Environmental Impact of Wool Dryer Balls

In an era of environmental consciousness, switching to wool dryer balls can drastically reduce our carbon footprint. They are reusable, reducing waste, and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a greener planet.


Why are my wool dryer balls shedding?

Ah, the age-old shedding conundrum! It's natural for new wool dryer balls to shed a bit initially. But don't fret! This should subside after a few uses. If it continues, ensure you've bought high-quality balls. Sometimes, opting for cheaper versions can lead to this hairy situation!

Do wool dryer balls leave lint on dark clothes?

I get the concern – no one wants their sleek black attire covered in fuzz. While some users might initially experience a wee bit of lint, it's not a consistent issue. Over time, as the balls become more seasoned, this should reduce. And hey, a quick brush-off or wash, and you're good to go.

Can I use fabric softener with wool dryer balls?

You can, but it defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Wool dryer balls naturally soften your clothes without chemicals. So, while there's no law against it, I'd skip the softener and let the balls work their magic.

Do they work with all types of materials?

For the most part, yes! Wool dryer balls are versatile. However, it would help if you were cautious about super delicate fabrics. But they're a dream for your everyday cotton, denim, and even most delicates.

How often should I replace wool dryer balls?

These balls are like the little engine that could – they keep going and going. On average, they can last up to 1,000 loads, if not more. Keep an eye on them; when they look overly worn out or start to unravel, that's your cue to get a fresh set.

How do wool dryer balls reduce drying time?

Science, my friend! When wool dryer balls tumble around, they lift and separate the clothes, increasing airflow. This helps your machine work more efficiently, cutting down on drying time. Time saved is money saved!


Wool Dryer Balls, A Natural Alternative, have revolutionized how we do our laundry. Their eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient nature positions them as the unsung heroes of our laundry routines. Making the switch not only benefits our clothes but also our health, wallets, and the environment. In the vast world of dryer aids, wool dryer balls emerge as the clear victor, offering many benefits with minimal downsides.

And let's face it – in a world filled with synthetic solutions, isn't it refreshing to embrace something as pure and natural as wool? By choosing wool dryer balls, you're not just opting for a product; you're making a statement. A statement that screams consciousness, sustainability, and practicality. So next time you do your laundry, give your clothes the care they deserve while providing a nod to Mother Nature.

Remember, often, the most straightforward choices make the most significant impact. And what's more detailed than a ball of wool that promises a world of benefits?