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Earth Day Challenge - Day 2: Upcycle Used EO Bottles

It is day two of our Earth Day Challenge, where we celebrate the beautiful gifts of Mother Nature by completing a unique Earth-friendly activity each day of the week. Today’s challenge? Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Upcycling used items and products is a great way to help support the planet and reduce unnecessary waste from entering landfills. By reinventing unwanted materials, you can effectively transform your old items into useful products that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. So, how can you reuse your old essential oil bottles? We have a few ideas to get you started.

Ways to Upcycle Used Essential Oil Bottles

Make a Mini-Reed Diffuser

Mini-Reed Diffuser

Create your own DIY mini-reed diffusers for a cute and unique aromatherapy item to place on your work desk, bookshelf, or entertainment center! Here’s how:

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 Empty Essential Oil Bottle
    2 tsp Carrier Oil
    Rattan Reeds or Bamboo Skewers
    5 drops Essential Oil


  1. Cut your reeds or skewers to approximately 6 inches in length.
  2. Using a small funnel, carefully pour carrier oil and essential oil drops into the empty essential oil bottle.
  3. Place reeds or skewers into the bottle, and enjoy your new DIY mini-diffuser!

Pro tip: Flip your reeds or skewers after a day to help the oil travel along their length for greater scent.

Create Works of Art

Works of Art


Transform old essential oil bottles into works of art for a fresh and one-of-a-kind addition to your space! Remove old labels and add flowers, dried herbs, or succulents for a natural work of art that will charm your guests.

Design Your Own Blends

Have a favorite mix of essential oils that you love to diffuse or roll-on? Create the perfect blend for your needs by reusing old essential oil bottles or roll-ons for a customized and convenient mix that will be ready to go anytime!

Our Recycling Program

Have more empty bottles than you know what to do with? At Rocky Mountain Oils®, we started the industry’s first bottle recycling program to help cut waste and lead a more sustainable company lifestyle. Not only are all of our bottles made out of recycled materials, but we take our love for the earth one step further by recycling our customers’ used essential oil bottles (even if they’re from other brands).

To learn more about our recycling program, or to send us your empty bottles and protect our planet from unnecessary waste, visit our blog here.

Take Part in the Challenge

Late to the party? Don’t worry, we’ve saved you a spot! Join on our 5-day Earth Day Challenge by completing as many of our earth-friendly activities as you can! Download our Earth Day BINGO board, and let us know which challenges you have completed by Friday, April 24th, for a chance to win four essential oils from our Organics line! Simply visit our Instagram or Facebook, and send us a message to let us know you’re in the running!

In what ways have you reused your essential oil bottles? Let us know in the comments below!

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