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Posted November in DIYs by Rocky Mountain Oils

Yoga Mat Spray

The first rule of yoga class: bring your own yoga mat.

The second rule of yoga class: make sure to clean your yoga mat before every class.

Breathe in....Breathe out, because it's time to get your zen on! Head over to your new yoga class with your favorite yoga mat to enjoy an hour or two of pure relaxation and mediation. But while you are relaxing and rejuvenating yourself through your yoga exercises, your yoga mat doesn't get that same luxury. It spends all of its time on the floor, which makes it easy to pick up unwanted bacteria and transfer it to your body during your workout! That is why using a natural essential oil yoga mat spray is essential to keeping you safe from bacteria and other unwanted elements. Make this easy DIY essential oil spray and enjoy your next yoga class without having to worry about lingering bacteria. With this natural essential oil spray, you can also rest easy knowing that you are not covering your yoga mat in harsh chemicals that will irritate your skin. 

Keep your yoga mat clean and bacteria-free with this simple and natural DIY Essential Oil Spray! 

Yoga Mat Spray 



  1. Add the witch hazel and essential oils to your spray bottle. 
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water. 
  3. Screw on the cap, and shake well to combine the ingredients. 

How to Use 

Spray down your yoga mat after every class, and wipe with a clean cloth. Shake yoga mat spray well before each use