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5 Ways to Stay Present This Holiday Season

Stay present this holiday season and find new ways to connect with family and friends!

Focus on what really matters this Christmas holiday and embrace feeling grounded, loved, and cherished by those important to you.

When you think of the holiday season, what images come to mind? Do you envision moments spent around the tree or late nights catching up with family and friends? While we all dream of a relaxing, peaceful, and joyous holiday spent with loved ones, often the reality can be quite stressful and even overwhelming. When you are spread thin, it can be easy for us to miss the Christmas love and beauty happening around us. The magic of the Christmas holiday comes from relishing in the small moments such as a big hug from your Grandma, the joy of watching snowflakes fall outside your window or the warmth of seeing everyone come together for the Christmas family reunion. This year, give yourself the gift of truly being present and connect with those around you. 

Ways to Stay Present This Holiday Season

Here are 5 tips to help you stay present during the holidays

#1 Put Your Phone Down

This one may be hard, but try to let go of the idea to share every experience online. While social media platforms can be a great way to connect with those far away, it pulls you out of the here and now. Instead of reaching for your phone to post a picture of the adorable gingerbread house you made, fully allow yourself to enjoy the moment you are in and experience the true Christmas connection.

#2 Be Intentional

It is easy to get swept up in the long to-do list of the holiday season. Allow yourself to go back to your intentions and reflect on what you are hoping to experience. Is finding the perfect gift the most important or is it the moment of connection with your loved ones you are wanting to experience? Going back to your intention will help bring you back to what you find most important. 

#3 Slow Down 

We know that the Christmas holiday is always busy, but it is important to take moments of pause. In these moments, focus on your senses and pay attention to the small details around you. Notice how it feels to hold a warm cup of cocoa in your hands, breathe in the aroma of a fresh pine tree, look at the gleam in your loved one’s eyes after a big hug. Taking a moment to savor these moments will guide you to the here and now. 

#4: Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is an excellent tool that can be used to refocus on what the present moment actually is, instead of wishing what it could be. As often as you can, simply acknowledge just how much there is to be grateful for. They can be simple things like your favorite song playing on the radio, the health of your pet, or eating your favorite holiday treat. 

#5: Utilize Aromatherapy 

One of your most powerful senses is your sense of smell, it is the most direct way in which your emotions can be triggered. When you breathe in a scent it travels through your olfactory nerve to the part of your brain that regulates your emotional reactions. This allows you to utilize aromatherapy to shift your state of mind and reconnect to the present moment. 

The beauty of aromatherapy is that there are so many different essential oils for you to choose from. We all have different preferences on aromas and what will help clear our minds and refocus our intentions. Below are a few of our community favorites to use while practicing mindfulness. 


The warm and earthy aroma of Frankincense can clear the mind of mental stressors while calming the physical reactions of stress. Allowing you to experience stillness and connection to your inner self. 


Known for its soothing and sedative properties, the aroma of Lavender will calm feelings of anxiousness and tension and clear space for you to enjoy the moment you are in. 

Citrus Passion

A combination of citrus oils and Balsam of Peru, Citrus Passion will inspire the energy to live life fully, uplift your mood, and provide comfort. 


This floral essential oil is known for its ability to bring balance to your mood. Breathe in the aroma of Geranium to let go of uneasy moments and allow stress to slip away. 


With a majestic and woodsy aroma, Cedarwood dispels feelings of negativity and encourages elevated feelings of optimism and gratitude. 


Featuring Rosewood and Chamomile essential oils, Aligning brings feelings of calmness and comfort to bring balance to both the mind and body.