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7 Everyday Uses for Grapefruit Essential Oil

Is it just us, or are there few things more refreshing than the sweet, crisp scent of grapefruit? Known best for its bright and cheerful scent, Grapefruit has become a staple in many essential oil collections. Though most often used in DIY diffuser blends as a top fragrance note, this highly beloved citrus oil has many more uses that you may not be aware of. For National Grapefruit Month, we wanted to help spread the word about this member of citrus royalty with 7 of our favorite ways to use Grapefruit essential oil in your everyday routine.

1. Early Morning Pick-Me-Up

Say ‘goodbye’ to your night-owl lifestyle and ‘hello’ to your new early-bird persona! Starting a new routine can be difficult at first — especially when you’re creating new habits that pull you away from your comfy bed. If you’re looking for extra motivation to wake up with the sun, break out your bottle of Grapefruit essential oil! Diffuse a few drops first thing in the morning for a highly energizing and aromatic experience that will finally leave you excited to face your 6 AM alarm!

2. Kick Cravings to the Curb

Listen, we get it. Staying committed to a new healthy eating plan can be hard, especially with Valentine’s Day waiting just around the corner. But don’t indulge in all that chocolate just yet! If you’re craving a little extra sweetness, pull out your bottle of Grapefruit and inhale deeply for 30 seconds. Not only will the bright and refreshing citrus scent reduce stress (thus helping to avoid stress eating), but the added burst of aromatic sweetness is likely to satisfy your sweet tooth and help distract your mind from unhealthy urges. Win-win! 

3. Bring Life to Your Hair

Balancing a busy schedule can certainly take its toll on your hair, turning your once luscious locks from fab to drab. Give your hair the glow-up it deserves by adding Grapefruit to your hair routine. Simply add a few drops of Grapefruit essential oil to your favorite shampoo, and massage into your scalp to restore shine, bounce, and vitality into your lustrous locks! Try adding a few drops to our signature Tohi Rosemary and Peppermint shampoo for an extra burst of freshness to your 'do. 

4. A Positive Influence

Winter blues got you down? Grapefruit is incredibly high in Limonene (84-96%), which is a naturally occurring compound shown to help boost your mood and refresh the mind. Simply add a few drops to your diffuser, or include in your aromatherapy inhaler, and breathe in deeply for 30 seconds to be transported to playful summer days.

5. Your New Cleaning Buddy

Research has shown that a cleaner home can make a positive impact on our mental health. With a wide range of cleansing properties and mood-boosting effects, Grapefruit is a great essential oil to add to your cleaning routine. Combine this sweet citrus oil to DIY cleansers for an added antibacterial boost, or add a few drops to your Wool Dryer Balls for sweet and clean-smelling laundry you will love.

6. A Breath of Fresh Air

Having company over can be incredibly exciting, but don’t let unwanted smells ruin the party! Uninvite noxious odors from your space, and welcome the sweet and refreshing scent of citrus into your home with Grapefruit essential oil. Simply add a few drops of Grapefruit to a DIY diffuser blend, or try your hand at creating your own Citrus Air Room Spray for a quick and effective burst of freshness that will leave you and your guests ready to party.

7. Refresh Nighttime Skincare

Give your skin a little extra attention by including this bright citrus oil into your nighttime skincare routine. Great on oily skin types, Grapefruit essential oil works as an astringent to dry out excess oil and help cleanse the surface of the skin for a fresh and youthful look. Simply combine Grapefruit with a carrier oil like FCO and apply to clean skin at night. Because Grapefruit is a photosensitive oil, we recommend avoiding direct sun exposure for up to 12 hours after topical application of Grapefruit.

Promoting Positivity — One Drop at a Time

Who knew that a good mood was just a few drops away? If you’re looking for a little extra inspiration on how to add a burst of summer sweetness and positivity into your daily routine, try out these seven easy uses for Grapefruit. Which idea are you trying out first?