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Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits

Forget deep heat creams and artificial muscle-soothing gels and opt for something a little more natural.

Try introducing Helichrysum essential oil to your wellness routine and never go back to over-the-counter medications again!

An essential oil that is generally found in the Mediterranean or southern Europe, Helichrysum oil comes from the Helichrysum italicum plant. Traditionally used in medicinal or even therapeutic ways, Helichrysum is known to be one of the most versatile and beneficial essential oils for wellness. Known to promote healing, fight infection, and reduce inflammation, Helichrysum essential oil comes in two types: Helichrysum italicum and Helichrysum gymnocephalum. Learn all about Helichrysum essential oil benefits and uses, and find the best way to introduce it into your wellness routine. 

Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits

1. Can help with inflammation

Whether it is skin, muscle, joint, digestive, or even respiratory inflammation, Helichrysum essential oil can help! With powerful antibacterial, inflammation, and antifungal properties, Helichrysum oil is great at reducing inflammation in all areas of the body. 

According to certain studies, Helichrysum can help reduce skin irritation, inflammation, and redness when applied topically. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties can also help kill bacteria. This can prevent further infection, irritation, and inflammation.

2. Can reduce allergy symptoms

Since most allergy symptoms are a result of inflammation that happens when the immune system reacts to an allergen, Helichrysum essential oil can certainly help. The essential oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce allergy symptoms, and calm down the reaction that happens when one comes in contact with the material they are sensitive or allergic to. Helichrysum oil has also been found to be a great help to those who struggle with contact dermatitis, a specific type of allergic rash that is often caused by skin-on-skin contact with an allergen. 

3. Can help fight colds and coughs

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, Helichrysum essential oil has been found to be quite handy at helping fight off colds, coughs, and infections. The essential oil can also help aid respiration by helping reduce inflammation in the airways or inside your nose.

The best way to relieve inflammation, congestion, or cold and flu symptoms with Helichrysum essential oil is to add a couple of drops of it to your diffuser. 

4. Can help with stomach pain

According to a study, it has been reported that Helichrysum essential oil can help reduce and calm intestinal spasms. This can therefore reduce the symptoms of digestive issues like bloating, cramps, pain, and inflammation. 

Helichrysum oil has also been traditionally used in the treatment of gallbladder disorders. Some studies suggest that it can help reduce gallbladder inflammation and associated stomach pain.

5. Can help promote faster wound healing

One of the most popular benefits of Helichrysum essential oil is that it can help speed up healing processes. It can help fight skin infections, and even prevent infections before they occur. The essential oil can also help with treating scars and making them less prominent. 

A 2016 study found that combining essential oil topical use with antibiotics was more effective in preventing infection in skin wounds than just solely using antibiotics.