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Posted November in Essential Oil Basics by Rocky Mountain Oils

Oils of the Bible

In honor of Easter and in appreciation of essential oils' ancient history, Rocky Mountain Oils is pleased to re-introduce our Oils of the Bible blend. This beloved synergy of Myrrh, Frankincense, Hyssop, Spikenard and a few other ancient oils keeps you focused, which helps you maintain the emotional fortitude to achieve your dreams.

Myrrh has a quietly exotic, musky and woodsy scent with a slight floral note to it. It is our number one oil to strengthen nails.

Frankincense is an impeccable oil for the skin. It's resinous, piney smell creates a calming, soothing quality that supports emotional well-being. Some customers have found that it improves the appearance of wrinkles.

Hyssop has a dark, flowery and almost sweetly warm scent.

Spikenard has a distinct musky, woodsy and mossy scent that gets stronger the longer you have it open. It is a good skin balancing oil.

Each of these powerhouse oils unite in Oils of the Bible, creating an incredible blend that will take you back in time.