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Scaring Away The Monsters

Halloween is just a couple of days away, and who doesn't love a chance to dress up and get free candy? As you stroll through the neighborhood streets, you'll probably run into a few princesses, some of your favorite movie characters, and, of course, monsters. But even though Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, zombies, and other monsters only tend to come out on Halloween, many of us may find monsters lurking in the corners of our house, around our families, or inside of ourselves every other day of the year.

That's a thought that will make your hair stand on end! Don't worry, though. Our team at Rocky Mountain Oils has you covered. There's no need for you to play hide and seek with the monsters in your life. Instead, grab your garlic, your silver bullets, and your oils, and scare away your monsters for good!

The Monsters We Face

We all face a variety of monsters as we go through our day-to-day life. From the tiny creatures that hide in your skin to the ones under your bed that keep you up all night, you can find monsters just about everywhere. But that doesn't mean you have to live with them! Take a look through the monsters you may face in your life, and see how our oils can help scare them off.

Dirty Monsters (aka: Dirt Trolls)

These monsters are filthy, sticky creatures that like to lurk around in the dark corners of your house. At night, they come out and smear their muck all over your kitchen floor, bathroom sink, and living room carpet. Repel the Dirt Trolls in your house by keeping the surfaces and floors clean. The daily task of keeping a clean home becomes easy with our Orange and Bergamot FCF essential oils. Both of these citrus oils have excellent cleansing properties, and they leave behind a fresh, light scent-- which Dirt Trolls hate!

The Negativity Monster (aka: Mournstrike)

The Negativity Monster has no true form. It is like a mist, conforming to the shape of each individual. It has no eyes or ears, only a giant mouth that whispers false and negative thoughts about yourself and your life. For some, the Negativity Monster lingers and follows them everywhere they go. For others, the monster simply appears for a short time, then moves on. Cast off the Negativity Monster by replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones! Tranquility brings the ability to calm your mind and worries. Similarly, Clarity and Peace & Quiet help shoo away negative thoughts and uplift your mood. With these three essential oil blends, your Negativity Monster won't be around for long.

Skin Monsters (aka: Derma Newts)

These monsters really get under your skin. Derma Newts are very social; they love getting together in large groups and clogging your pores. Their high numbers suck the moisture out of your skin, but their slimy coatings can make your skin appear extra oily. Clear up your skin with two of our excellent citrus oils: Orange and Bergamot FCF. Orange essential oil is great for dry, dehydrated, or oily skin, and Bergamot FCF is an excellent facial toner. With both of these oils, you can unleash your skin's natural glow and chase off those Derma Newts for good!

The Depression Monster (aka: The Shadowflayer)

The Depression Monster comes from the same family as the Negativity Monsters; however, instead of being a formless shape, the Depression Monster appears more like a shadow, hence the name Shadowflayer. It attaches itself to you and follows you everywhere you go. Its victims are aware of its presence, but it is virtually invisible to anyone else. All of us experience the Depression Monster in various degrees.

Whether you suffer from its occasional sadness or chronic depression, we've got some oils that can help cheer you up! Orange essential oil, just like other citrus oils, helps stimulate your mood so that you can feel more optimistic and cheerful. Our Peace & Quiet blend also helps uplift your mood while helping you get rid of feelings of isolation and low self-confidence. Your Depression Monster doesn't have to stay attached to you. Try out these oils to cheer yourself up, and start feeling like yourself again.

Smelly Monsters (aka: Reeky Warpers)

Everyone faces a smelly monster at some point in life. These particular monsters are unlike any other. They have no nose, which makes them capable of living around foul smells...and enjoying it. Not only that, but smelly monsters can change their size. They can get small enough to fit in your shoes, trash can, or laundry basket, and large enough to fill an entire room! You may have just one lurking around your house, or multiple! These monsters definitely aren't shy. If you're tired of dealing with your own Reeky Warpers, it's time to whip out the oils! Bergamot FCF essential oil has a light, fresh, and wonderful smell that you can add to dryer sheets to freshen up your laundry. You can also use Bergamot FCF and other citrus oils to create room sprays and shoe deodorizers. Finally, you can stay "sayonara" to your smelly monsters!

The No-Sleep Monster (aka: Nightchild)

As kids, many of us thought we had a monster living under our bed. While that may not have been entirely true, the No-Sleep Monster does love hiding out under a nice, cozy bed. But don't worry. This monster won't hurt you. It will, however, keep you up all night.

No-Sleep Monsters don't like being alone, especially at night, because they're actually afraid of the dark. So, to make sure someone stays up with them, they poke and nag you all night long with restless legs, overactive thoughts, worries of tomorrow, and more. If you're tired of being tired, it's time to put that No-Sleep Monster to bed for good -- and yourself! Try using our Tranquility blend to calm your thoughts and body before bed. Vetiver and Calming are other great options that can help you relax and sleep through the night. If the No-Sleep Monster is keeping your kids up all night, try diffusing some Orange essential oil to help them sleep.

The Anxiety Monster (aka: the Agitated Apparition)

the Anxiety Monster is similar to the Negativity Monster. But, instead of looming around you like a dark cloud, the Anxiety Monster is overactive, jumping and bouncing all around you. As a result, the monster transfers a million thoughts to you at one time, making you feel overwhelmed and out of control. Cast away your Anxiety Monster and calm your mind with our Calming essential oil blend. By simply breathing in this fruity, soft aroma, you can relieve your worries, balance your emotions, and ease tense situations.

Our Clarity essential oil blend can also help you establish emotional clarity and greater general awareness. You don't have to let your Anxiety Monster take control of your thoughts. Just use these oils to get back to your normal self.   No matter what monsters you face in your life, it's comforting to know that you can get rid of them, and oils can definitely help you do that. So, instead of letting the monsters in your life scare you on the daily, it's time to turn the tables and scare your monsters away for good!