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Rocky Mountain Oils Collaborates With Hope Squad Once Again to Raise Awareness for Suicide Prevention Month

"The Hope Squad has provided a safe environment. Even if I don’t actively talk about it, it gives me a sense of calm knowing if I ever did need to talk to someone, I have the resources that the Hope Squad offers on my side." -Gracie F., a beneficiary of Hope Squad

During September, Rocky Mountain Oils partners with a charitable organization to offer support for Suicide Prevention Month. This year, all throughout September, we are delighted to announce that all proceeds from our Care Essential Oil Blend will go toward supporting Hope Squad, an initiative by Hope 4 Utah that aims to reduce youth suicides.

About RMO

Rocky Mountain Oils is dedicated to promoting well-being through natural solutions, education, and support. We don't just craft the finest essential oils — we also strive to foster healthier lives and communities. Our commitment to wellness extends beyond physical health and includes mental and emotional well-being.

About Hope Squad 

Hope Squad is a program that teaches students about suicide warning signs and how to support peers struggling with mental health. By being compassionate listeners, students can help others start their healing journey. The members of the Hope Squad aim to create a safe school environment, support anti-bullying, reduce mental health stigma and prevent substance misuse.

Why We Are Passionate About This

At RMO, we understand the importance of addressing the issue of youth suicides in Utah. That's why we are delighted to support the Hope Squad program by contributing our CARE Blend proceeds. It warms our hearts to know that the funds will be utilized to organize insightful conferences on suicide prevention, mental health, and leadership, as well as to improve the school curriculum to make it more inclusive and accessible.

About Care Essential Oil Blend

The purpose behind creating CARE Blend was not just to offer a natural remedy for emotional and physical trauma but also to contribute to charitable organizations dedicated to bringing about positive change. It’s meant to reduce stress and anxiety, promote peace, healing, and hope.

How You Can Help

As of the date of this writing, there are over 7,200 Utah Hope Squad members and over 1,100 students referred for help, showing a significant decrease in suicides, and in some cases, a complete elimination of them, within the schools that have adopted the program. You can contribute toward making a positive impact by either donating to Hope Squad or buying a bottle of CARE, all profits earned From September 1–30, 2023, will be donated to Hope Squad.