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Where Lies Your True Worth? Navigating the Quest for Self-Value

Hi everyone, Phoenix here.

Have you ever paused to consider where your true value lies? In our relentless pursuit of external validation – through salaries, social media likes, and the frequency of messages in our inbox – we often lose sight of what genuinely determines our worth. This narrative isn't just about questioning the external metrics we chase; it's an invitation to a deeper introspection. It's about understanding that our worth isn't a reflection of others' perceptions or the attention they bestow upon us, but something far more intrinsic and unchanging. As we explore this concept, we unravel the layers of self-worth, revealing how our value remains constant amidst the ebb and flow of external influences.

Understanding Self-Worth Beyond External Validation

Do you realize that your value is not based on external things? How often do we run around trying to make sure that someone else validates our worth? We do that with how much we are paid, with how many likes we get on social media, even with how often we get a text or an email or, once upon a time, mail in the mailbox.

The Illusion of Worth Based on Attention

Sometimes, we will base our worth on other people's attention. But do we realize that other people's attention is based on how they feel about themselves? And how the way people treat us has more to do with how they treat themselves than it does with our actual value. And nothing can change our value.

Stability of Self-Worth Amidst External Fluctuations

Other people's ups and downs do not affect our value, our value doesn't go up and down, we have a high value because we are human beings on this earth, and we are here for a purpose, whatever that is, and our purpose can look big or small. But that doesn't mean our value is big or small.

Personal Experiences Shaping Perception

In reference to that, I once had someone talking to me and it seemed really rude because she was accusing me of having had a bad time on a trip. And I actually had an amazing time and I was very confused because there was a bit of a condescending tone. About a year later, I found out that what she was accusing me of experiencing was exactly what she had experienced a week before in the same country. And so everything she was saying to me was a reflection of her own experience, and that's how it is for everyone.

Self-Determination of Value

I saw a quote online that said, "I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am." And so if that's true, then we are the ones that get to decide our value. Nobody else gets to decide it. Because when we decide our value and if we decide our value is high, then we become people who can give and serve and contribute and bring high value to others because we know what our value is.

Embracing Self-Love as True Value

And so we tie this into the five golden rings (from the 12 Days of Christmas), something that is considered high value as a gift from a true love. But what if you are your own true love? And what if the high-value gift you give to yourself this year is deciding you are no longer going to let other people determine how you feel about your value?

Choosing to Shine: Valuing Ourselves and Our Potential:

You're no longer going to let others dim your value or dim that shiny gold soul inside of you in a way that will cause you to not live up to your full potential because it's a choice. And let's choose this year to see how beautifully high our value actually is and to choose to see the value in every breath, to choose to see the value and the gift it is to be alive to choose to see the value in those around us. But ultimately, if we don't decide that we are of high value, who will because nobody will. And so it's time to choose. So that is kind of what I would do.

As we draw to a close, it's clear that the journey to recognizing our intrinsic value is both enlightening and essential. It's not just about discarding the weight of external validation but about realizing that our worth is a constant, unaffected by the shifting sands of societal measures and personal interactions. This understanding liberates us, allowing us to define our worth on our terms and live a life that reflects our true value. By choosing to see ourselves as valuable, we empower ourselves to contribute positively to the world around us. This choice is a gift we give ourselves, akin to the most precious gold, shining bright with the knowledge of our inherent worth. So, as we move forward, let's make the conscious decision to recognize and embrace our value, for if we don't, who will? The time to choose is now.

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Embrace this aromatic journey to self-empowerment. Visit our store to explore these essential oils and begin your journey of self-discovery and balance today. Don't forget to stay connected with our blog for more insightful and helpful content, guiding you on your path to wellness and self-realization.