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Counting Sheep

Essential Oil Blend
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Counting Sheep Essential Oil Blend has a warm, woodsy scent with floral undertones that evokes the feeling of a warm embrace.

Counting Sheep Essential Oil Blend’s Lavender (Hungary) constituent is known to encourage restful sleep while minimizing the effects of everyday stress and tension. Whether your child is afraid of monsters under the bed or nervous about tomorrow’s school play, Counting Sheep can help him or her drift off peacefully.

This blend is part of our Kids Line Collection. The roll-on comes pre-diluted at a two percent dilution and is safe to apply topically on children who are two years or older.

To learn more about why we chose a two percent dilution ratio for our Kids Line blends, please click here.

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Counting Sheep Saves Bedtime
After our house fire in Jan 2016, our then 3.5 year old struggled falling asleep. He couldn't fall asleep, he wouldn't stay asleep, and everyone in the house was suffering. We tried bedtime bath routines, and creams and lotions and sleep aids for children, we tried everything. A friend recommended we try essential oils. I was skeptical, how could an oil possibly help? It's seemed very 'new age and weird'. I ignored her recommendation for 5 months. Finally, one night while up with my cranky son who desperately wanted to sleep but just couldn't, I started researching essential oils use in children. Another month would go by before I felt comfortable ordering. The first night, I not only became a believer in the power of essential oils, but I found a company that I was proud to purchase from. Counting Sheep has helped my son fall asleep and stay asleep all night since the first night we used it. He doesn't have night terrors anymore, he wakes up refreshed and happy instead of tired and cranky. Everyone from our church's preschool teachers, to his preschool teacher to our neighbors have noticed the drastic and positive change in him. Thank you RMO for saving bedtime and returning our little mango us.
October 1, 2016
Our son has struggled for the past 9 months with sleep and started using Counting Sheep the day it arrived. Not only was he gladly applying it (something he has resisted in the past), he claims it "really works" and eagerly puts it on his feet every single night. He went from an hours long routine to about 20 minutes. Great product:)
May 24, 2017
2 weeks ago
I love RMO oils!
I ordered several blends in addition to a couple of pure essential oils. I have studied essential oils for a very long time and feel that RMO is, hands down, the best company. They're easy to work with, answer questions, the order arrived quickly and best of all...the oils are exactly what i wanted.
September 28, 2016
Counting sheep oil
This oil I apply on my 4 year old every night and I notice a big difference in how peaceful he sleeps! Will definitely always use this product
January 16, 2017
Really works!
I love using this on my two girls! 2yrs and 10mos. I don't use it every day but when they have had a hard day and need a good nights sleep i put a little on their wrist and feet and It REALLY WORKS!!!
October 6, 2016
I am so glad RMO came out with this line for children. My pre-teen loves using Counting Sheep before bed. She applies it herself. I have been using RMO's oils for 2+ yrs. In the past I have used Tranquility (neat) for my children's sleep, as well as adding in lime when using the diffuser, or using lavender + lime. Each of these worked nicely as well. However finally having a rollerball to use topically that helps eliminate the excess caused by too many drops coming out too fast from the regular bottle is a huge plus. No more waste. Sleep is just as good. Win-win!
November 8, 2016
I love this stuff!
This stuff is amazing. My twin boys are finally sleeping through the night because of this great stuff.
February 11, 2017
Smells good, but not as effective as our diffuser
My daughter has sleeping issues, and I'm a big fan of the other kids line rollers so I decided to try this one out. It didn't help as much as the lavender and chamomile oils we put in our diffuser at night. This is not to say it won't work for your child (or even yourself), but in our experience it doesn't work . It smells pretty yummy though.
December 19, 2016
Roll on oils for children!
Love them my daughter has triplets and one gets sick they all get sick! Love the roll ons so easy to apply in right spots and rub in. Love your oils I have used them for 3 years now everyday, don't think I could live without them.. Thank you
September 13, 2016
My kids love to roll the "sleepy sheep" oil on their feet at bedtime. It helps calm them for bed. I used to put a few drops of lavender in their pillowcase, but they love the roller because they can do it themselves. The blend has a more pleasant smell than straight lavender, too. I love these kids blends!
September 29, 2016
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Why did you choose this?
Rocky Mountain Oils Store
heard about it
Donna P on May 26, 2017
It helps me sleep on the nights when I know I need a good night's sleep for work.
Kathleen A on May 21, 2017
heard about it
Donna P on May 26, 2017
Lillian O on May 23, 2017
It helps me sleep on the nights when I know I need a good night's sleep for work.
Kathleen A on May 21, 2017
some times sleep eludes me, willing to try anything
Troy D on May 21, 2017
my daughter needs a little extra relaxation when falling asleep
Gabriele M on May 20, 2017
My daughter has a stressful job and has a hard time sleeping at night so I thought she should try this.
Jana P. on May 20, 2017
Three year old daughter occasionally has trouble falling asleep.
Constance F on May 19, 2017
For my son.
Stephanie W on May 19, 2017
My daughter had trouble falling asleep at night.
JULIANNE C on May 19, 2017
To help my kiddos sleep better on trips
Jennifer D on May 19, 2017
To help my grandchild sleep
Marika B on May 18, 2017
because my son falls asleep with this every night on his feet!
Fawn B on May 17, 2017
6YO that doesn't like to go to sleep.
Stephanie L on May 17, 2017
For my grand daughter
Roseann R on May 17, 2017
I picked this item with the hopes that it will help my toddler stay sleep throughout the night.
Jasmine H on May 17, 2017
This works so wonderfully for my busy son!
kyle W on May 16, 2017
Purchasing this because to see if it will calm my son and daughter at nighttime.
Ashley F on May 15, 2017
Do not sleep well at all.
Diane H on May 14, 2017
Help my little girl sleep better
Shaleen M on May 13, 2017
Lisa A on May 11, 2017
rest for toddler and I don't have to mix together each night
Cassandra S on May 11, 2017
sleeping purposes
Tara E on May 11, 2017
Our daughter has a hard time falling asleep at night so this was one of our first purchases.
Jennifer W on May 11, 2017
For my kids! Thought I would try it out for them.
Chevelle H on May 6, 2017
My son doesn't sleep well
Susan W on May 6, 2017
My grandson, who is 7, has difficulty going to sleep at night. Looking for something he can use to help, especially on school nights
Cheryl S on May 6, 2017
Love love love! We put this on their wrists temples and feet and also diffuse lavender and tranquility in the diffuser at night. Kids are asleep in 5 minutes even after being rowdy moments before!
Cristina D on May 6, 2017
This helps my kids get to sleep easier! They love it!
Heather W on May 6, 2017
My son can't sleep. Trying to see if this will work!
Kaytlin G on May 5, 2017
Excellent for kids and adults alike!
Elizabeth H on May 5, 2017
To try myself and for a granddaughter
Connie S on May 5, 2017
My 3.5yo boy is not a great sleeper. Hoping this helps the little guy.
Shanna K on May 5, 2017
I love this oil blend. It helps me sleep and is such a light, pleasant scent. I'm addicted to it. Don't sleep as well when I don't use it.
Cheryl S on May 5, 2017
I have one of these roll-ons already, and it's my favorite scent! I use it on myself as a perfume and on my kids before they go to bed. :)
Natalie H on May 5, 2017
My kids have one at their bed side and use it every night before going to bed.
Alba B on May 5, 2017
My son has trouble winding down at night to sleep.
Edith S on May 5, 2017
We already own this and are almost out!
Heather H on May 5, 2017
this works great to calm my grandson when he spends the night
Patricia W. on May 4, 2017
wanted to try it out
Melissa H on May 4, 2017
My husband has a difficult time sleeping at night.
Christine V on May 4, 2017
Would like something lite for myself (I'm sensitive to many things). Figured since it was for kids, then it just might work for me :).
Megan S on May 4, 2017
To see if it will help me sleep
Jessica C on May 4, 2017
My son is a terrible sleeper. Hoping this helps some.
Kaitlyn F on May 3, 2017
Having difficulty staying asleep
Amie S on May 3, 2017
I ordered it last time and love this.
Barbara E on May 3, 2017
To keep in my kids' room so they can apply before bed.
Sarah V on May 3, 2017
Hoping this will help my 2 boys to calm down while getting ready for bed.
Gretchen D on May 3, 2017
Hoping it helps with my toddler's sleep!
Elizabeth S on May 2, 2017
We love Counting Sheep at bedtime... it's great for helping the kids (and me!) relax and fall asleep quicker!
Ashley P on May 1, 2017
My daughter loves her diffuser and I think she will love having an oil made just for her to use at bedtime.
asa s on Apr 26, 2017
Lillian O on May 23, 2017
some times sleep eludes me, willing to try anything
Troy D on May 21, 2017