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Dreamtime Essential Oil Blend has a strong, sweet floral aroma with a warmth that comes from the ginger root and sandalwood. The oil’s ingredients are Sandalwood, Jasmine, Patchouli, Ginger Root, and Petitgrain Bigarade in a base of 90% Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Dreamtime Essential Oil Blend is part of the Rocky Mountain Oils Sleep collection. Try applying it to the back of your ears and back of the neck before going to sleep at night. The oil may help promote more effective, lucid dreams, while helping to calm the thoughts in your mind, allowing you to drift off to sleep.

Each of Rocky Mountain Oils' premium essential oil blends is composed of a unique blend of essential oil elements.

Dreamtime: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Patchouli, Ginger Root, and Petitgrain Bigarade in a base of 90% Fractionated Coconut Oil.
Night Time Mist Spray
  • 75 drops Dreamtime
  • 4 ounces Distilled Water

Add all ingredients to a 4 ounce, fine mist spray bottle. Shake well before every use. Liberally spritz bedroom before going to bed. Can refill the water 2-3 times before needing to refill the oil.

Dreamtime Bath
  • 2-3 drops Dreamtime
  • 2 teaspoons FCO
  • 1 cup Sea Salts

Dissolve oils in the Sea Salt and add to  warm/hot bath. Soak for 20-30 minutes. (Make sure your skin can handle the blend before immersing yourself in it.)

Your trust and confidence is very important to us. As part of our S.A.A.F.E. Promise™ to you, we provide GC/MS (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry) test results from a verified third party, independent lab for each one of our essential oil products.

GC/MS tests verify purity and quality of the oils we sell, so you can be sure you’re using the highest quality oils available on the market today.

Click here for the GC/MS test results for your bottle of Dreamtime Essential Oil Blend.

Click here for dilution rates.

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Definitely Recommendable :-)
I love Dreamtime very much and use it every night. It smells really pleasant and it helps my sleep to feel more restful.
September 4, 2017
2 months ago
One of my favorites!
Love this blend!
September 1, 2017
2 months ago
We diffuse it almost every night
September 1, 2017
2 months ago
Use this in a diffuser every night, Love the stuff!!
September 1, 2017
2 months ago
Good for a Boys Room
Ok, I don't LOVE the smell of this, it just to masculine for me. BUT my boys love it diffused in their room at night and they are sleeping better and nor waking up with nightmares so as long as it works for them I'm happy. For me I'll continue to diffuse lavender in my room when I need it for sleep.
August 13, 2017
1 month ago
A little apprehensive at first, but....
Let me tell you, this stuff really works. Yes, I have remembered my dreams, and they seem more realistic, but that is not the real benefit. I wake up refreshed and wide awake. Not groggy and wanting to hit the snooze button like before. I am wide awake, and ready to go in the morning. Amazing results! I am definitely ordering more.
July 16, 2017
2 months ago
I wear this with a couple of drops of cedarwood and veviter to help me sleep. I simply love he smell!
June 22, 2017
3 months ago
I love the earthy tones of this essential oil
June 20, 2017
3 months ago
Excellent Oil
Works like a dream!
June 20, 2017
3 months ago
This really works well. I am having clearer dreams and feel more rested after using it.
June 10, 2017
4 months ago
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Why did you choose this?
Rocky Mountain Oils Store
based on the reviews.
Kathy M on Sep 25, 2017
To help go to sleep
Becky K on Sep 20, 2017
based on the reviews.
Kathy M on Sep 25, 2017
to diffuse at night
Tammy T on Sep 22, 2017
To help go to sleep
Becky K on Sep 20, 2017
Bought this to aid in my lucid dreaming
Vanessa H on Sep 19, 2017
Helps with restful sleep
angie c on Sep 17, 2017
Restful Sleep
Sheena C on Sep 15, 2017
I was doing research on other essential oil companies and kept seeing the rave reviews on RMO products. I picked Dream because I needed a replacement for my daughter's nighttime oil that is diffused in her room. I am so excited to try it!
Crystal O on Sep 13, 2017
need to sleep
gail r on Sep 13, 2017
Have a hard time staying asleep...Very restless and suffer insomnia .
Nissa F on Sep 13, 2017
I have a very hard working daughter & I hope this helps her relax!
Diane J on Sep 12, 2017
To diffuse in my daughter's room at night
Natalie B on Sep 10, 2017
I wanted something with Sandalwood in it. Having a hard time sleeping lately.

I see this has great reviews!
Kristi L. on Sep 8, 2017
Helps me stay asleep when i get to sleep.
Deborah T on Sep 8, 2017
Its hard to fall asleep sometimes.
Joshua C on Sep 7, 2017
I haven't tried this yet, although I have used similar blends from other companies-wanted to give this a try.
Jean T on Sep 6, 2017
to help me sleep more soundly. I typically wake up a minimum of once per night and have a difficult time getting back to sleep
Kristen W on Sep 5, 2017
I use in a diffuser with Lavender to help me sleep.
Anke L on Sep 4, 2017
Trying this. I use Peace & Quiet a lot. Dreamtime sounds like a great alternative.
Diane L on Sep 1, 2017
To use in our diffuser at night to help my husband and I sleep more deeply, dream more vividly and awaken more refreshed.
Heather H on Aug 29, 2017
Ken M on Aug 28, 2017
I've been using this to get a good night's sleep for some time now.
Donna V on Aug 27, 2017
I need help sleeping, since I average about 3 to 4 hours a night.
Sam C on Aug 27, 2017
I take valerian root every night to sleep and I want to test essential oil options.
Danielle B on Aug 25, 2017
I'm always looking for natural sleep aids to try, hoping I will find reliable ones.
Denise W on Aug 22, 2017
I am hoping that this will help my son settle down at night now that school is starting again.
Cindi K on Aug 22, 2017
To see if it helps me sleep
Kathy C on Aug 21, 2017
Going to diffuse in child's room and maybe my own
Jeffrey L on Aug 21, 2017
Bedtime is hard enough. It cant hurt....
Madison H on Aug 21, 2017
help with sleep
KIM W on Aug 20, 2017
Going to diffuse this in everyone's room at bedtime to hopefully help with the time it takes to fall asleep
Chelsea M on Aug 20, 2017
Purchased for better sleep.
Tracy B on Aug 20, 2017
I've heard good things about Rocky Mountain Oils' blends and I thought I would give this a try as it was on sale.
Ashley G on Aug 19, 2017
We love this to diffuse at night.
Jamie L on Aug 19, 2017
Perfect to diffuse as I go to bed.
Heidi Z on Aug 19, 2017
Wanted to have something for my kids at night to relax them.
Moriah B on Aug 18, 2017
For sleep
Lauren M on Aug 17, 2017
It is a very effective oil for me, in making my body relax to the state of sleep....even when I am very high strung from stress.
Charity S on Aug 16, 2017
First, was the blend, the oils in this seemed that they would be lovely and this did not disappoint. It is a heavenly smell. I do seem to sleep better but I think if I diffused this it would even be nicer. Will have to try this but the smell... ooh dear, love this.
Kim B. on Aug 16, 2017
My children sleep nightly with a relaxing oil that is diffused nightly. We have not tried this one, but are excited to see how they like it!
nicole g on Aug 15, 2017
The blend of oils sounds lovely and similar to Young Living's Sacred Mountain blend.
Shana K on Aug 15, 2017
Love this oil. Really helps me get a more peaceful sleep.
Baxanna M on Aug 15, 2017
fun for bedtime
Julie S on Aug 15, 2017
to help with sleep
Rebecca W on Aug 11, 2017
diffusing at bedtime, to sleep better
Karen W. on Aug 9, 2017
I have problems falling asleep and have to drink sleepytime tea every night.
Margaret D on Aug 6, 2017
I am looking for an oil that will help me fall asleep and stay asleep.
Shirley Y on Aug 4, 2017
Recommendation to encourage dreaming.
Sarah A on Aug 2, 2017
I'm looking for something to diffuse for my kids at nighttime besides lavender. My boys want a new scent. :-)
Joanna W on Aug 2, 2017
sounded like it would help with relaxation and sleep
Lorraine S on Jul 30, 2017
Ive wanted to try "Dream Catcher" by YL, but didn't want to pay the price for it so I figured the best way to try it would be through Rocky Mountain.
Sarah S on Jul 25, 2017
to diffuse at night
Tammy T on Sep 22, 2017
Bought this to aid in my lucid dreaming
Vanessa H on Sep 19, 2017