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DIY Christmas Morning Pillow Mist

There is something so comforting about the aromas of the holidays. This Christmas Eve, fall asleep to the woodsy, minty, and sweet aroma of Christmas mornings spent by the tree. Easy and simple, this DIY pillow mist makes the perfect homemade gift for neighbors, family, or yourself!

What You Need:


Combine all the ingredients in the 4oz spray bottle. Shake well to combine before each use. Spray 2-5 spritz per pillow before bed, and fall asleep to the aromas of the holidays!


8 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Try DIY Christmas Morning Pillow Mist

Christmas is a time of tradition, joy, and love. One such tradition is the DIY Christmas Morning Pillow Mist. The aromatic blend of natural essential oils is an aroma therapy for your senses, bringing the festive spirit into your bedroom.

Why Create a DIY Christmas Morning Pillow Mist?

Crafting your pillow mist is a cost-effective alternative to store-bought sprays and allows you to add a personal touch. The natural scents awaken your senses and set the mood for a splendid Christmas morning.

  • Benefits of Aroma in the Festive Season
  • The sense of smell is strongly tied to memory. An uplifting aroma can bring back fond memories of past Christmases, provide a sense of calm, and spread seasonal joy.

Ingredients Needed for DIY Pillow Mist

The core of any DIY project lies in the quality of its ingredients. We will need some essential oils and distilled water for our festive DIY pillow mist.

  • Best Essential Oils for Christmas
  • Consider using oils such as cinnamon, pine, orange, and clove. They not only evoke the Christmas spirit but also have therapeutic properties.
  • Using Natural Distilled Water
  • Always opt for distilled water to ensure the longevity and quality of your pillow mist. It provides the purity of the spray and gives it a prolonged shelf-life.

Step-by-step Guide to Making Your Pillow Mist

Delving into holiday crafts like this can be therapeutic. Follow this guide to craft your very own pillow mist.

  • Mixing the Ingredients
  • Getting the proportions right is essential. Mix the essential oils in balanced quantities to ensure an effective aromatic blend.
  • Storing Your Pillow Mist
  • Store your concoction in dark bottles to maintain its aromatic potency. Ensure it's kept in a fantastic place to enhance its shelf life.

Safety Precautions While Using Essential Oils

Always conduct a patch test before using essential oils directly on the skin. Be wary of potential skin sensitivities and allergies. Always stick to the recommended dosage.

Gifting DIY Christmas Morning Pillow Mist

What better way to show love during the festive season than with a sustainable gift made with a personal touch?

  • Creative Packaging Ideas
  • Use recycled materials for packaging. Add a Christmas-themed DIY label for that extra touch of festivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other essential oils can be used in the pillow mist?

Lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint are excellent choices, too. They have calming properties and can be mixed based on personal preferences.

How long does the pillow mist last?

If stored properly, it can last for up to 6 months.

Can children use the DIY Christmas Morning Pillow Mist?

Yes, but always ensure it doesn't come in direct contact with the skin.

Where can I buy essential oils?

Rocky Mountain Oils Website: The official website of Rocky Mountain Oils is a reliable source for their products. You can visit their website, explore their range of essential oils, and place an order directly.

How often can I use the pillow mist?

You can use it every night or as desired. Just a couple of spritzes are enough.

Can I add alcohol to the mix?

Yes, a bit of alcohol can help preserve the mixture for longer.

Can I use DIY Christmas Morning Pillow Mist every day?

Using a DIY Christmas Morning Pillow Mist every day is generally safe as long as the essential oils used in the mist are appropriate for regular use and are properly diluted. 

Conclusion: Embrace the Christmas Morning Aroma

So, this festive season, let's embrace the Christmas spirit with every breath we take. The DIY Christmas Morning Pillow Mist is more than just a spray; it's a tradition, a memory, and a gentle reminder of the love that fills the air during Christmas.