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Earth Day Challenge - Day 5: Unplug for the Day

It is the last day of our Earth Day Challenge, and we want to end this series with a little extra mindfulness and gratitude for our wonderful planet. Today, your challenge is to unplug for the day and experience the world without distractions. With so many of us practicing social distancing and staying at home, we have become even more reliant on our electronics, which is why this challenge may be one of the hardest on our list. Are you feeling up to the challenge?

Activity Ideas for Your Electronic Day Off

Digital detoxing can be a great way to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. But if you’re struggling to find ways to reset your screen addiction, we’ve got some ideas to inspire you.

Cook a Meal With the Family

Plan a tasty and nutritious meal that you and your family can all help create. This not only makes for a fun family activity without phones, computers, or tv, but it is also a great way to promote healthy eating while trying out new recipes.

Declutter and Clean Your Home

This extra time spent at home is a great opportunity to clean and freshen up your space. Not only will this activity help take your mind off of your phone, but it can also help you feel more accomplished at the end of the day. Need some cleaning inspiration? Check out our 5-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge for ideas!

Write a Letter

Staying connected throughout the quarantine has become an extremely important part of our lives, and nothing has made this endeavor simpler than through electronics. However, to make your next correspondence even more personal; consider taking the extra time to write and send a physical letter to your loved ones.

Plan a Backyard Picnic

Eating lunch outside is a great way to stay connected with Mother Nature. Plan a fun picnic menu with your kids or spouse, lay out a comfortable blanket, and enjoy the next hour outside without the distraction of your screen.

Go for a Walk

Get out of the house and surround yourself with nature by taking a walk around your neighborhood, local walking trail, or the nearby beach. Removing yourself from your house and walking outside is a great way to reconnect with the earth while also giving your eyes and mind a break from electronics.

Read a Book

Want something to keep you occupied for a few hours that doesn’t include your phone? Break out that book you’ve been putting off reading and settle in for an adventure. And don’t forget to diffuse a few of these Book-Inspired Diffuser Blends for a unique reading experience!

Finish All the Challenges!

Now that you’ve logged off, it’s time to rekindle your relationship with the earth by completing all of our Earth Day Challenges! Be sure to visit the last four days of our Earth Day series to see past challenges that inspire a greater love for our beautiful planet. If you’ve followed us throughout the entire series — great job! Be sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for a chance to win 4 essential oils from our Organics Line!

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