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Which Essential Oil Blend Matches Your Holiday Personality?

Find your holiday personality MATCH this festive season with our holiday oils!

Get into the holiday spirit with our Christmas Essential Oil Blend favorites like our sweet and minty Candy Cane Essential Oil Blend!

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is here and so are all of the different personalities within our family and friends. Everyone has a holiday season persona, from the hostess who loves to plan all of the parties, to the jolly elf who has been celebrating the Christmas season before October even ended. Keep reading to find out which Christmas essential oil blend matches your holiday personality perfectly and find the best holiday oils to shop!

Essential Oil Blends for Your Holiday Personality 

The Jolly Elf 

You LIVE for Christmas time! While it may still only be November, the Christmas music and decorating begins no later than the day after Halloween (Thanksgiving who?). Your evenings consist of watching all of the classic Christmas movies in your favorite ugly Christmas sweater. We can even bet that you can probably quote the entire Elf movie from memory. 

Your Essential Oil - Candy Cane

You can’t be a jolly elf without candy canes! The aroma of this blend truly encapsulates your persona perfectly. With a sweet, icy, and minty aroma and blend of the perfect holiday oils, Candy Cane Essential Oil will evoke memories of your family traditions. Reminiscence the joys of ice skating, dancing to holiday music, and decorating the Christmas tree.

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The Grinch

Your family and friends probably call you Scrooge, but in reality the holidays are just not ‘your thing’. In other words, you find that they are stressful and cost too much money. For this reason, you aren’t keen on all the social gatherings you are expected to go to.

Your Essential Oil - Counting Sheep 

You are not about the traditional early Christmas mornings and would rather sleep in. With a floral and grounding aroma, Counting Sheep will keep you calm and relaxed as you endure all the holiday activities. 

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Hostess With The Mostess

You are known as the “planner” and your favorite part about the holidays is bringing all of your loved ones together! You are most likely to throw all of the season’s biggest events from Friends-giving to your annual ugly Christmas sweater party. 

Your Essential Oil - Joyful Moments

Nothing gives you greater joy than being surrounded by your friends and family during the holidays. With a forest-like yet warm aroma with fruity undertones, Joyful Moments will help you create picture-perfect moments with the ones you love! 

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The Procrastinator 

Do you put the ‘pro’ in procrastination during the holiday season? You are the one who is always finishing up the holiday shopping come Christmas Eve and you probably forgot to send out those Christmas cards. 

Your Essential Oil - Attention Assist

You need all the help you can get to finish your holiday tasks on time this year. With a bold and earthy aroma, Attention Assist will keep you focused on all that gift wrapping you are probably taping together at the last minute. 

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The Party Animal 

You have an outspoken personality and are known as the life of the party! Always high energy, you warm up the hearts of those around you and are known to crack a joke during any given conversation. You can keep even the dullest of Christmas work parties entertaining. 

Your Essential Oil - Citrus Passion 

With your zest for life, this blend is your match made in heaven! Citrus Passion has a fresh, bright, and energizing aroma that will liven up any room just like you. 

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