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Meditation Assist

Meditation Assist

Need to shut off your brain? Try this Meditation Assist recipe to help ground the mind and body during meditation or quiet thought.


These essential oils were chosen for their properties that are known to assist in grounding the mind and increasing relaxation.


1. Mix ingredients together in a glass container, like an empty 10ml glass roll-on bottle.

2. Apply topically, or directly inhale the scent to assist in grounding the mind and body during meditation.


Meditation Magic: 5 Secrets of Meditation Assist – Rocky Mountain Oils You Never Knew!

Meditation has been a cornerstone of spiritual and mental well-being from ancient sages to modern yogis. Delving a tad deeper, the Rocky Mountain Oils, with their aromatic essence, have been allies to many on this meditative journey.

The Power of Aromatherapy in Meditation

Aromatherapy isn't just a fancy term. It's the art and science of using plant extracts, especially essential oils, to promote physical and psychological well-being. When combined with meditation, it's like adding a turbocharger to a car engine. The aroma from the oils stimulates the brain's limbic system, promoting relaxation, focus, and a deeper connection to one's inner self.

Meditation Assist – Rocky Mountain Oils

Have you ever heard of Meditation Assist from Rocky Mountain Oils? It's a game-changer. This blend is crafted meticulously to support and enhance your meditation sessions. The unique combination not only helps in achieving a calm mind but also in maintaining a serene environment.

Top Oils from Rocky Mountain for Meditation

  • Lavender and its calming properties: Often dubbed the "Swiss army knife" of essential oils, lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties.
  • Frankincense for grounding: This ancient oil, with its earthy aroma, provides a grounding, making it perfect for meditation.
  • Eucalyptus for clarity: Its sharp scent helps clear mental fog, allowing for a focused meditation session.

Application Techniques for Meditation

Using oils in meditation isn't rocket science, but there's an art to it. Diffusing the oils in the room can set the ambiance. Applying diluted oil topically, especially on the temples or wrists, can be effective for a more personal touch. Fancy making a meditation spray? Mix a few drops of your chosen oil with water in a spray bottle.

Safety Precautions with Essential Oils

Essential oils are potent. Always dilute them before any topical application. Avoid contact with sensitive areas like eyes. When in doubt, do a patch test.

Combining Oils for Maximum Benefits

Blending oils can sometimes give you amplified benefits. Rocky Mountain Oils offers some stellar blends, but continue crafting your blend. Sometimes, the best mix is the one tailored just for you.

Real Experiences: Testimonials and Stories

A meditation instructor, Jane, shares, "Using the Meditation Assist blend was a revelation. My sessions became deeper, and my students noticed it too." Mark, a mindfulness coach, adds, "The blend doesn't just help in meditation. It sets the tone for the whole day."


Why choose Rocky Mountain Oils for meditation?

Their commitment to purity and quality is unparalleled. Each oil undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it's 100% pure.

How often should I use Meditation Assist?

There's no hard and fast rule. Listen to your body and intuition.

Are there any side effects to using essential oils in meditation?

If used as directed and ensuring no allergies, they are generally safe. Always consult with a professional if you need more clarification.

Can I use Meditation Assist for yoga sessions?

Absolutely! It's versatile and can enhance any mindfulness practice.

How do I store my Rocky Mountain Oils?

Please keep them in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.

What makes Rocky Mountain Oils different from other brands?

Their dedication to sustainability, purity, and quality sets them apart.

Can I use Meditation Assist daily?

Yes, you can use meditation assistance daily if it helps you achieve your meditation goals and doesn't cause any adverse effects. Meditation can be a valuable daily practice for relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity, among other benefits. Suppose you find that meditation assistance, such as guided meditation apps, audio tracks, or other tools, enhances your meditation experience and encourages you to practice regularly. In that case, it's outstanding to use them daily.

Conclusion: The Synergy of Meditation and Essential Oils

To conclude, blending meditation with the aromatic prowess of essential oils, especially from Rocky Mountain, can be transformative. Whether a novice or a seasoned meditator, the Meditation Assist blend can be the cherry on your mindfulness journey.