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4 Reasons to Keep Immune Strength Close this Fall

As we settle more firmly into the autumn months, you may hear the same advice by nearly everyone you know:

Stay warm. Wash your hands. Take your vitamins.

Although these are all excellent reminders to keep in mind during the shorter fall and winter days. It’s never a bad idea to find natural solutions to help our immune system stay as healthy as possible throughout the holidays. To help you on your health journey this fall season, we have outlined four ways to use our signature Immune Strength essential oil blend in your day-to-day life to help give your immune system the support it deserves.

1. Cleanse the Air

Is there a bug being passed around your office that you’re afraid to catch? Fortify your immune system by diffusing Immune Strength in our space! With a warm and spicy aroma, Immune Strength offers naturally disinfecting and cleansing properties that make it an excellent addition for diffuser blends in your home or office area. 

2. Kick Germs to the Curb

It’s inevitable. With each turn of the season, new germs and illnesses will enter our homes, which can threaten our health. Help purify your environment by adding Immune Strength to your DIY cleaning products. Alternatively, choose from some of our products that already feature this incredible oil, such as our Tohi Household Multi-Surface Cleaner and Foaming Hand Soap.

3. Immunity Support

Fortify your immune system by adding Immune Strength to your hand lotions or facial moisturizers throughout the dry season. With natural disinfecting and cleansing properties, this blend is an excellent addition to your fall beauty routine. This blend was formulated to help combat unwanted germs and give your immune system the support it deserves. Further protect your body from unwanted illness with our Tohi Defend supplement, infused with Sacred Immune Strength for extra immunity.

4. Emotional Comfort

When it comes to self-care during the winter months, it’s important to remember that our emotional wellness is just as important as physical health. Lift your spirits and draw on some extra emotional strength by adding Immune Strength to a personal aromatherapy inhaler for a quick and invigorating boost to your mood.

With the cooler temperatures and shorter days, many of us spend more time indoors, creating the perfect environment for sickness to spread. Help fortify your immune system throughout the fall season and boost your emotional health by keeping Immune Strength within reach.