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The Story Behind Vetiver

Vetiver is a popular essential oil with many uses, ranging from providing a soothing massage to helping ground emotions. What you might not know about this essential oil is that it has experienced hardships due to environmental factors.

Vetiver, what is it?

Originating from India, Vetiver is a bunch grass that is mainly cultivated for its fragrant essential oil, which comes from its roots. With a rich, exotic, and earthy aroma, this essential oil is used extensively in aromatherapy and perfumes; in fact, the majority of western perfumes use Vetiver.

Benefits of Vetiver

  • Earthy aroma has a grounding effect on emotions
  • Widely used in massage practices
  • Helps bring a sense of calm
  • Brings feelings of relaxation to help you sleep

Vetiver in Haiti

While Vetiver is native to India, the plant was introduced to Haiti in the 1940s. Haiti quickly became the biggest exporter of the oil, accounting for 50%-70% of the world’s supply. Vetiver oil is crucial to those in southwest Haiti, with an estimated 60,000 people relying on it as their primary source of income.

Unfortunately, the country of Haiti has been plagued by natural disasters. In 2010 the biggest earthquake ever recorded in the region hit the island. Over 300,000 people were killed and over 1 million displaced. The earthquake destroyed towns and farmlands. The Caribbean island was then hit with many devastating hurricanes over the last few years.

While these natural disasters have caused difficulties for vetiver farmers, they did focus worldwide attention on the country. The fragrance and essential oil industry not only recognized that its vetiver supply chain was endangered, but also that they needed to make major changes in the vetiver farmers’ working conditions.

Initiatives to Help Farmers

Many essential oil and fragrance companies have started to take initiatives that establish sustainable and ethical sourcing of vetiver. These initiatives help support rural communities in southwest Haiti by creating cooperatives that enable small farmers to adopt socially and ecologically responsible production of vetiver oil.

These initiatives have not only helped the production of vetiver, but they have also helped the well-being of the farmers. Vetiver farmers in cooperatives are now paid fairly for their work through the entire season, not just during the harvest. While there may be a lot of work to be done in Haiti, global manufacturers have made a big impact on improving the quality of life for vetiver farmers.

Vetiver Sourcing

Sustainable and ethical sourcing has been and will always be a top priority for Rocky Mountain Oils. We only work with farmers, vendors, and suppliers that are responsible. This policy is no different when sourcing our precious Vetiver essential oil. Our Vetiver oil is sourced sustainably, ethically, and with the proper certifications.

How to use Vetiver

Vetiver essential oil is commonly used to calm and ground the mind. This makes it a great oil to use before bed to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Experience the amazing benefits of Vetiver with these easy DIY recipes.

Anxiety Ease Roll-On Blend

What You Need:


Add all ingredients to the 10ml roll-on bottle, place cap, and gently shake to combine ingredients. Apply blend to the back of the neck, inside of elbows, and bottom of feet to ease feelings of anxiety and inspire peace of mind.

Winter Dreams Diffuser Blend

What You Need:


Add all the essential oils to your favorite diffuser. Use this diffuser blend before bed to calm and ground the anxious mind and promote restful sleep.