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Top 10 Fan Favorite Essential Oils

Don’t know which essential oils to pick? 

Our fans have got your back! We have put together the ultimate list of fan favorite essential oils, just for you!

Shopping for essential oils on the internet can be challenging at times. When looking for the best essential oil to solve your problem, you tend to find a lot of contradicting information and a lack of transparency of the product’s quality. To top it all off, with the plethora of brands(and new ones opening every year) to choose from, you may start to feel overwhelmed. These feelings can increase your lack of confidence in the products you’re buying. Gain the confidence in your essential oil journey with our fan favorites essential oils collection, picked by our loyal fans! 

Using the thousands of raving five-star customer reviews, from wellness to skincare, to cleaning to sleep, this collection of our fan’s favorites focuses on various essential oil categories and allows you the opportunity to discover your soon-to-be new favorite oils. You can rest assured that our fan’s recommendations will take care of all your essential oil needs. Now having all of our fan favorite essential oils all in one place, you will never have to spend hours aimlessly searching and researching again. 

Rocky Mountain Oils Fan Favorites Collection

Best Essential Oil for Health and Wellness: Immune Strength

With a name like Immune Strength, it’s no surprise that this oil is the favorite essential oil for health and wellness. Featuring a blend of Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Orange, Oregano, Mandarin, Thyme, Rosemary, Nutmeg, Ginger Root, and Eucalyptus citriodora, Immune Strength has strong natural disinfecting and cleansing properties. Known to strengthen your immune system, fight off germs, and cleanse your space, Immune Strength is RMO’s best essential oil for wellness. 

Did you know: As a great essential oil for immunity, Immune Strength is incredibly versatile and can be found in our Tohi Household Multi-Surface Cleaner and Foaming Hand Soap, which are also popular fan favorites!

See why Immune Strength is a fan favorite and see how our RMO family loves to use it:

Couldn’t be more grateful for this oil! "This oil smells healthy like you’ve walked into a room or someone has put Vicks on. This oil is fantastic because I had the start of a cold and it went away in two days after diffusing this oil all day and all night for the two days. I will be diffusing this at night time in my children’s room to keep them healthy through cold season. I couldn’t be more grateful for this oil!" - Nancy B.
Smells great! "I diffuse this at night and have been sleeping a lot better. Can't wait to receive my Tohi Hand Wash with Immune Strength in it." - Jo D

Best Essential Oil for Sleep: Lavender

As our best-selling essential oil, Lavender certainly takes the lead in our fan favorites' essential oil collection. With a sweet-smelling floral aroma, Lavender helps relax the body and mind, and get you ready for sleep. Offered in both the regular and Organic Collections, the versatile Lavender is often recognized as the best organic essential oil. The perfect essential oil for sleep, Lavender helps soothe stiff muscles and joints so you can drift into sleep feeling relaxed. 

See why Lavender is a fan favorite and see how our RMO family loves to use it:
Calming, soothing fragrance "I love RMO's Lavender! I use it nightly, lightly splashing it onto my pillow. It smells so lovely while it relaxes me and helps me sleep. I also use it when stressed during my workday to calm and relax me. Occasionally I mix other essential oils with it for various other uses. Great stuff!" - Anita W
An Evening Routine Dream "I diffuse this oil every night as part of my evening routine. I love it and will definitely be purchasing again!" - Shanna B
Love it "I use at bedtime, I think I am sleeping better, more relaxed!" -Linda G

Best Essential Oil for Cleaning: Purify

Featuring a unique blend of natural deodorizers and cleansers, Purify takes the spot as the fan favorites’ best cleaning essential oil. Purify includes a fresh combination of Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Myrtle, and Citronella essential oils. Say goodbye to artificial and chemical cleaners, and keep your family healthy and safe with Purify, the best natural and safe essential oil for cleaning. Not only do our fans love it, but Purify was also featured by Bustle as the best antifungal essential oil for your skin, nails & scalp!

See why Purify is a fan favorite and see how our RMO family loves to use it:
The Purify Oil was recommended by my daughter. "She uses it in her kitchen & laundry room, so do I now. It works beautifully to eliminate all unwanted odors VERY QUICKLY! Thank you for such a speedy delivery ... Is there any way I could get a LARGER bottle?" - Joan P. G
All purpose cleaner! "I used the recipe listed and made an all purpose cleaner that I can feel safe using in my home. Loving it. The smell is also great!" - Kendra M

Best Essential Oil for Relief: Peppermint

Used to soothe achy muscles and ease tension in the joints, Peppermint is the best essential oil for relief. From headaches to rough breathing to stomach aches, Peppermint can help soothe and relieve most pains and aches. Use Peppermint to alleviate mental fatigue and calm overwhelming emotions. With a strong minty, cool, and invigorating aroma, Peppermint works as the perfect natural essential oil for relief, providing a soothing icy-hot effect on the body. 

See why Peppermint is a fan favorite and see how our RMO family loves to use it:
Great for muscle soreness. "For muscle soreness this oil is a gem. Rub generously on the area and use a heating pad. Cooling moist heat. Love it." - Fran
Headaches? I don't know her. "My go-to for headaches. At the first signs of a headache I apply this, diluted, to my temples and the nape of my neck. Massage it in for a few minutes then sit back and relax. This really helps me from getting my borderline migraine type headaches." - Samantha B.

Best Essential Oil for Skin: Sacred Frankincense

 Sacred Frankincense takes a top spot in our fan favorite essential oil collection. One of the best essential oils for skincare, Sacred Frankincense is known to help reduce dark spots and pore sizes. This essential oil also helps fade the appearance of scars and tone and tighten the skin.

See why Sacred Frankincense is a fan favorite and see how our RMO family loves to use it:
Sacred Frankincense "I have been using the Frankincense, Sacred Essential Oil mixed in with coconut oil on my face. I love it! My face looks clearer, softer and the tone is more even." - Rita
Great and versatile "Added a few drops to my argan oil face moisturizer and my skin feels amazing. Have also been diffusing it in every room and they all smell fresh and clean without being overpowering." - Nikki D

Best Essential Oil for Mood: Tranquility

 Tranquility helps calm your emotions, and soothe your mind and body, making it one of RMO’s best for mood stabilization. With a blend of Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, Lime, Blue Tansy, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and Citronella essential oils, Tranquility provides a warm, floral, deep calming aroma.

See why Tranquility is a fan favorite and see how our RMO family loves to use it:
Great tranquility is just a sniff away "I love to just breathe in the tranquility whenever I need a moment. It seems to happen a lot lately." - Melissa C
Tranquility EO "I love this eo!! Perfect for bedtime or anytime you feel a bit more anxious or overwhelmed." - Debbie R
Feeling the bliss "What a wonderful relaxing yet energizing feeling of peace this oil brings-Oh man! I'm so very happy I purchased this one. It's a forever favorite now!" - Heidi M

Best Essential Oil for Energy: Lemon

One of our fan favorites citrus oils, Lemon is known to be a great essential oil for energy. With a refreshing and vibrant scent, Lemon oil can be used to uplift your spirit and boost your energy! Say goodbye to caffeine and artificial energy supplements, and use Lemon to boost your energy the natural way. Try diffusing or adding this oil to a room spray to give you a fresh and energetic start to your day.

See why Lemon is a fan favorite and see how our RMO family loves to use it:
Luscious Lemon "Uplifting scent, diffusing makes the house smell fresh! LOVE IT!!" - LeeWee
Such a happy scent "Lemon is an all purpose oil that you can’t go wrong with. I love the way it smells. I’m so excited to use it."- Annabeth A

Best Essential Oil for Kids: Counting Sheep

A staple in our Kids Line, Counting Sheep is a must-have for all parents. With a diluted blend of Patchouli, Lavender, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang in a base of 98% Fractionated Coconut Oil, our Counting Sheep Roll-On makes it a safe and easy to use essential oil for kids. Use Counting sheep to help get your little one ready for bed and help them drift off into sleep peacefully.

See why Counting Sheep is a fan favorite and see how our RMO family loves to use it:
Sweet bedtimes! "I run the roller ball down my children's backs as they are getting tucked in their beds. They fall asleep IMMEDIATELY. This is a true game changer. They love it and sleep so well. I will not be without this ever. Highly recommend!!" - Sarah T
Encourages a restful nights sleep" My kids LOVE it and ask for it every night. They even like to put some on their pillow too! Helps them relax and is a good ritual to encourage a restful nights sleep." - Jody C
Must have "This is my favorite roller. It helps me sleep so much better every night. I cannot go without it!" - Meike K

Best Organic Essential Oil: Organic Lavender

It's no wonder Lavender would be our fan's favorite organic essential oil, this highly versatile essential oil is used to calm the mind and promote sleep. And while only 10 of our essential oils are certified organic, we require that all of our essential oils come from farms that maintain organic practices and standards.

See why Organic Lavender is a fan favorite and see how our RMO family loves to use it:
Rocky Mountain Oils - Organic Lavender "This organic lavender is so clean smelling; I use it practically every night to help my mom and me to sleep. I put a few drops on some cotton balls along with YlangYlang and other scents, wrapped in some facial tissue. I call it our sleep packet and slip it in our pillow cases. I have never been let down by any of my purchases from Rocky Mountain Oils. Thanks RMO, you’re the best!" - Meg M
Highest quality from my research. "When I first got involved with oils I researched for 2 years before investing in any oils. I vetted the many companies, where the plans grow, purity, harvested and rendered into oil. RMO is one of 3 companies I purchase from. Each for a unique reason but RMO is my staple for single oils." - Pamela M

Best Essential Oil Diffuser: Personal Diffuser

A star in our fan favorites collection, the Personal Diffuser is a one-of-a-kind staple. Perfect for on-the-go diffusing, this sleek, pocket-sized diffuser makes it easy to experience aromatherapy, anywhere, anytime. Easy to use and perfectly portable, RMO’s Personal Diffuser is simply the best essential oil diffuser.

See why our exclusive Personal Diffuser is a fan favorite and see how our RMO family loves to use it:
It's just the right size to carry around. "It works a long time in a single charge. I love the way the nice mist and fragrance invades my personal space and helps heal my body, mind and spirit. It has been a very good addition to my life. Thanks a lot! It´s wonderful." - Miriam T
Hand held diffuser "I have purchased 3 of these little gens! One by my bedside, one near my comfy chair, and the third as a gift! Such a handy size! When I need a quick pick-me-up, or a moment to reset, this is my go-to." - Suzanne B
Makes a great gift! "I bought this personal diffuser for myself several months ago. I like how simple it is, and the battery life is excellent. I use it at my desk, and I love using it in my car. It's perfect for carrying in a purse. I was so impressed that I bought a couple of them as gifts. I will probably be giving more of these diffusers as gifts in the future." - Julia L. S