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Let’s Get Crafty!

(EO’s to use: Clary Sage, Majestic Breeze, Lavender, At Peace


  • Bath Salts Creations: Create a bath salt with himilayan salt and your favorite EO’s for a splendid, you night. We work hard during the day, and a lot of us continue throughout the night--when does it stop? It stops now. Check out this super cool graphic below for general recipe guidance and soon you’ll be on your way to fun hum-a-long’s turn fearless singing, perhaps a little opera in there, whatever makes your heart sing!
(EO’s to use: Clary Sage, At Peace, Heart Health


  • Homemade Lip Balm: Making homemade lip balm is one of the purest ways to care for your lips. After all, they endure the sun, help us enjoy our favorite foods, stay active during our daily conversations, and so much more. For hydration, moisturizing, and a beautiful scent all day long, try a homemade lip balm. You can make this with beeswax, shea butter, EO’s, etc. Mix these in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds or until it has all melted. Pour it in a lip balm case or wherever works for you best! Let it dry, and you are all good to go!
Our Social Media Specialist Stefani, shared:  “One of my friends gave me homemade lip balm for Christmas 3 years ago and I still use it! It’s my absolute favorite.” 
  • EO Jewelry: Grab a locket necklace and make it a part of your natural wellness essentials! You can put a cotton ball with a few drops of your favorite EO inside the locket and wear it! Simple as that!
  • Remember to be safe! Use sparingly and out of direct reach! Nowhere near orifices of the body.
  • Use carriers or whole milk for baths!
  • Follow label instructions for the amount of drops to use when using topically or in diffusers.
  • If you are prone to more sensitivity make sure the oil you love is safe for you to use to ensure a healthy and happy you!

The Aromatic World of Let's Get Crafty! - Rocky Mountain Oils: 7 Ways to Elevate Your Crafting Experience

Nestled amidst nature's beauty, Rocky Mountain Oils began its journey with a commitment to providing authentic, pure, and high-quality essential oils. With a legacy spanning decades, the brand has stayed true to its philosophy of harnessing the power of nature.

History and Origin of Rocky Mountain Oils

Founded on the principles of purity and authenticity, Rocky Mountain Oils emerged as a beacon for essential oil enthusiasts. It has grown into a trusted name in aromatherapy since its humble beginnings.

The Philosophy Behind the Brand

"Nature's purity in every drop." This simple yet powerful mantra drives the passion and dedication of Rocky Mountain Oils. Their commitment to quality ensures that every bottle encapsulates nature's essence.

Essential Oils 101

Essential oils are nature's elixir. These concentrated liquids, derived from plants, hold therapeutic properties that can rejuvenate both mind and body.

What are Essential Oils?

At their core, essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants. These compounds give plants unique aromas, pivotal in their growth and defense.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils

From soothing stress to revitalizing skin, essential oils are multifaceted. Whether inhaled, applied, or ingested, they interact with our bodies uniquely, offering numerous health benefits.

Let's Get Crafty! - Rocky Mountain Oils

Dive into the crafty world of Rocky Mountain Oils! Let your creativity soar as you explore countless ways to use these oils.

Crafting with Essential Oils

Imagination meets aroma. Whether making scented candles or crafting personalized perfumes, essential oils can elevate any DIY project.

DIY Projects for Beginners

For those new to the craft, worry not! Start with simple projects like scented sachets or homemade lip balms infused with your favorite Rocky Mountain Oils.

The Art of Blending Oils

Mastering the art of blending essential oils can open doors to a world of unique fragrances and therapeutic combinations.

Basics of Oil Blending

It's not just about mixing oils. Understanding the properties and notes of each oil is crucial to creating harmonious blends.

Creating Unique Fragrance Profiles

Every individual has a signature scent. By experimenting with Rocky Mountain Oils, you can craft a fragrance that's uniquely yours.


How do I store my essential oils?

Essential oils should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.

Can I ingest Rocky Mountain Oils?

Always consult with a healthcare professional before ingesting any essential oil.

Are these oils safe for pets?

Some oils can be harmful to pets. Researching and consulting a veterinarian before using them around animals is necessary.

How often can I apply essential oils to my skin?

It depends on the oil and its concentration. Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil before topical application.

Where are Rocky Mountain Oils sourced from?

Rocky Mountain Oils prides itself on ethically sourcing its oils from regions where plants naturally thrive.

Can I use essential oils in cooking?

Yes, but ensure the oil is of culinary grade and use it sparingly.

Conclusion: The World of Possibilities with Rocky Mountain Oils

The journey with Rocky Mountain Oils is filled with aromatic adventures. As you delve deeper into this world, remember that each drop is a testament to nature's wonders, ready to enrich your crafts and well-being.