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Travel Bug

Traveling allows us to see new places and connect with new cultures; it’s incredible! However, travel can bring a lot of stress and fatigue. In this week’s blend, Travel Bug, we combined Red Mandarin, Lavender Bulgaria, and Lime. The Lavender will help reduce stressful moments while the Red Mandarin and Lime will help revitalize when energy levels are running low. Get ready for an adventure! Bon voyage!

Travel Bug Diffuser and Aroma Inhaler Blend Step 1 Mix 2 drops Red Mandarin, 2 drops Lavender Bulgaria and 4 drops Lime to your diffuser. Step 2 Breathe in the bright, fresh aroma and get ready for an adventure! Travel Bug Aroma Inhaler Blend Step 1 Mix 2 drops Red Mandarin, 2 drops Lavender Bulgaria and 4 drops Lime to your personal aroma inhaler. Step 2 Breathe in the bright, fresh aroma and get ready for an adventure!

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Travel Bug - Lavender: A Natural Stress Reliever for Every Wanderer

Traveling can be an exhilarating experience, but it's no secret that it can also be stressful. Have you ever felt that itch to explore new destinations? That's the travel bug biting. But when challenges hit, turning to nature's stress reliever, lavender, might be your best bet.

Understanding the Travel Bug

Emotions Behind the Urge to Explore

The urge to explore, known colloquially as the "travel bug," is no new phenomenon. That little voice in your head nudges you to discover new places, cultures, and adventures. Yet, as thrilling as these escapades might be, they often come with their baggage of worries.

How Travel Often Leads to Stress

Let's be honest: from missed flights, lost luggage, or even cultural faux pas, the potential hiccups on a journey can be nerve-wracking. But what if there was a natural solution to these worries?

The Miraculous Lavender

Historical Uses of Lavender

Lavender, a herb with fragrant purple flowers, has been used since ancient times for various purposes. Its calming and therapeutic properties were well recognized from the Egyptians to the Romans.

Scientific Benefits of Lavender for Stress

Recent studies have confirmed what our ancestors already knew. Lavender essential oil can significantly reduce anxiety and stress, making it a traveler's dream companion.

Travel Bug - Lavender will help reduce stressful moments

Pre-travel Preparations and Lavender

Before you even step out of your house, dabbing some lavender essential oil on your wrists or having a sachet in your bag can start your journey on a calm note.

Lavender-infused Travel Essentials

There's no shortage of products—from travel pillows and eye masks to sprays—that incorporate the magic of lavender.

Incorporating Lavender in Travel Routines

Be it a soothing bath after a long day of sightseeing or diffusing the oil in your hotel room, the ways to infuse your travels with lavender are endless.

Stressful Moments while Traveling and their Solutions

Missing a Flight: Breathe in Lavender.

While it won't get you on the next plane, the calming scent will surely help reduce the panic and anxiety of the situation.

Lost Luggage: Calm with Lavender

Before spiraling into worry, take a moment with your lavender sachet. It might not return your bags, but it'll make the wait more bearable.

Navigating New Places: Lavender's Relaxing Effects

Feeling overwhelmed in a new city? Lavender can help ground you, making the unfamiliar feel friendlier.

Personal Experiences and Testimonials

My First Encounter with Lavender During Travels

I remember my trip to Greece when a local gifted me a small pouch of dried lavender. Little did I know it would be my most treasured travel companion in the many following trips.

Travelers' Stories: Lavender's Impact

From helping a fellow traveler sleep on a noisy train in India to calming pre-skydive jitters in New Zealand, the stories of lavender's positive impacts are countless.

Safety Precautions using Lavender during Travels

Essential Dos and Don'ts

Always opt for 100% pure lavender essential oil. And remember, a little goes a long way.

Allergic Reactions and Lavender: Being Cautious

Like anything new, testing a small patch of your skin is crucial to ensure no allergic reactions.


What exactly is the travel bug?

The term refers to an intense desire to explore and travel the world.

How does lavender help in reducing stress?

Lavender contains compounds that interact with neurotransmitters, suppressing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Is it safe to use lavender frequently during travels?

Yes, but ensure you're not allergic and always use in moderation.

Are there any side effects of using lavender?

For most, lavender is safe. However, some might experience allergies. Always test before extensive use.

Can I use lavender for my children during travel?

Yes, but always in diluted form and ensure they aren't allergic.

Where can I buy lavender products for travel?

Rocky Mountain Oils Website: The official website of Rocky Mountain Oils is a reliable source for their products. You can visit their website, explore their range of essential oils, and place an order directly.


Traveling is meant to be a joy, a break from the mundane. However, unforeseen stresses can sometimes dampen the experience. Armed with lavender, you equip yourself with nature's best stress reliever and ensure that the travel bug's bite remains pleasant.