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Making Your Safety a Priority: Child-Proof Caps for Wintergreen

Over the past few months, many of our customers have been asking why our Wintergreen essential oil, as well as the fan-favorite blends that feature this oil, have been purposefully placed as Out of Stock on our website. This change is due a recall regarding the caps used on these bottles, and it includes our Wintergreen, Pain Ease, Sports Pro, True Blue, and Relieve Me essential oil blends.

This voluntary recall is due to rising safety concerns regarding the naturally occurring substances within Wintergreen oil and the higher risk of poisoning if accidentally ingested. While we do want all of our customers to love and enjoy their essential oils, we also want to ensure that all of our oils are used safely and responsibly to avoid any possible instances of harm.

Introducing Child-Proof Caps for Wintergreen

As a company that is fully committed to the safety and wellbeing of our customers, our team at Rocky Mountain Oils has been working hard with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure that all of our essential oils and blends that contain Wintergreen now feature childproof caps. These new caps are designed to help reduce the chance of accidental ingestion by making it more difficult for children to access the oils inside. From this point on, all of our products with 5% or more Wintergreen will have this extra safety feature.

How to Get Child-Proof Caps

Safety is a top priority at our company, and we want to ensure that all of our customers have the best means to protect themselves and their children from undue harm. If you purchased our Wintergreen essential oil, or one of our Pain Ease, Sports Pro, True Blue, or Relieve Me blends between May 2014 and October 2020, please complete this request form by clicking here, or contact our Customer Experience team by emailing or calling 1 (866) 493-8159 and our team will send you a free child-proof cap for your oil.

Focused on Your Safety

We truly appreciate your patience with us during this transition period, and thank you for your understanding as we work hard to ensure the safety of you and your children with this new change. As always, we look forward to continuing to grow with you, and to inspire greater health and wellness through the safe practices of our products.

— The RMO Team

Making Child Safety Paramount: 10 Reasons to Prioritize Child-Proof Caps for Wintergreen

Our world is filled with wonders yet fraught with dangers, especially for our little ones. Making your safety a priority, particularly for items like Wintergreen, is not just a choice but a necessity. It's high time we delve deep into the significance of child-proof caps for Wintergreen, ensuring that every household stands guarded against potential risks.

Making Your Safety a Priority: Child-Proof Caps for Wintergreen

The Importance of Safety First

Safety is no accident; it's a continuous effort. It's easy to overlook minor details in our daily hustle and bustle. But we must be proactive when it comes to potentially harmful products like Wintergreen.

The Wintergreen Dilemma: The Need for Child-Proofing

Wintergreen, while therapeutic for adults, can pose severe risks to children. Its tantalizing scent is attractive but can lead to unintended consumption, emphasizing the dire need for child-proof caps.

History of Child-Proof Caps

From Accidents to Innovation: The Drive Behind Caps

The inception of child-proof caps wasn't a mere coincidence. It stemmed from heart-wrenching incidents that necessitated a solution.

Notable Breakthroughs in the World of Child Safety

Over the decades, we've witnessed phenomenal strides in child safety. Companies fueled by a passion for protection have engineered innovative caps that challenge even the most curious kids.

Why Wintergreen Requires Special Attention

The Potency of Wintergreen Essential Oils

Wintergreen isn't just any ordinary plant. Its essential oils, while therapeutic, are also intensely potent, requiring only a few drops for effectiveness. This potency is precisely why it's a potential hazard for children.

Risks Associated with Ingestion

Swallowing even a small amount can have dire consequences for youngsters. As caregivers, we must recognize these risks and act accordingly.

Technicalities of Child-Proof Caps

How Do Child-Proof Caps Work?

These ingenious inventions are more than meets the eye. They employ a dual-action mechanism, needing a push-and-turn motion, which proves challenging for little hands.

Innovations in Safety Measures

From sensory deterrents to digital locks, the evolution of child-proof caps is remarkable.

Personal Experiences with Wintergreen Safety

A Close Call: John's Story

"I never imagined a tiny bottle could cause so much panic. It was a regular evening until I found the open wintergreen bottle. Thankfully, we switched to child-proof caps after that incident," recalls John.

Lessons Learned: Sarah's Take on Wintergreen Caps

"It's better to be safe than sorry. After a friend's scary experience, I took no chances and immediately opted for safer caps."

Global Trends in Child-Proofing

Countries Leading the Way

While child-proofing is a global initiative, countries like Sweden, Canada, and Japan are at the forefront, setting remarkable safety standards.

Lessons from Around the World

Different cultures bring unique child-proofing techniques to the table, offering a plethora of learnings for us all.

Environmental Impact of Child-Proof Caps

Plastic Consumption and Child-Proof Caps

Child-proofing is vital, but so is our planet's health. It's essential to strike a balance between safety and sustainability.

Sustainable Solutions for Safety

Eco-friendly child-proof caps are making waves, merging the best of both worlds – safety and sustainability.

Alternatives to Child-Proof Caps for Wintergreen

Lockable Storage Options

Apart from caps, lockable storage boxes provide an added layer of protection, ensuring that safety isn't compromised.

Educating Children on Potential Hazards

It's paramount that, alongside physical deterrents, we educate our young ones about the potential dangers lurking around.


Why is Wintergreen so potent?

Wintergreen's potency is attributed to its high concentration of methyl salicylate, which has potent therapeutic properties but can be toxic if consumed in large quantities.

How effective are child-proof caps?

Child-proof caps have drastically reduced the number of poisoning incidents since their introduction. However, they must be foolproof and paired with proper storage and education.

Can I recycle child-proof caps?

Most child-proof caps are recyclable, but checking local recycling guidelines is essential.

Are there other products at risk, like Wintergreen?

Numerous household products, from cleaning agents to certain plants, pose risks similar to Wintergreen and need identical precautions.

How can I educate my child about the dangers?

Open communication, using age-appropriate language and visual aids, can be instrumental in educating children about potential hazards.

Are there any child-proofing organizations I can support?

Organizations like Safe Kids Worldwide and the Child Safety Network are dedicated to preventing unintentional injuries and can be supported through donations or volunteering.


Ensuring child safety, especially with products like Wintergreen, is non-negotiable. The world is evolving, with it, the methods to protect our young ones. While child-proof caps have proven to be a boon, remaining vigilant and proactive is imperative. After all, the well-being of our children is the most precious gift we can safeguard.