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Discover Your Inner Essence Quiz: Which Essential Oil Are You?

Unveiling the Aromatic Reflection of Your Personality

Welcome, beautiful souls! I’m Phoenix, here to guide you on an aromatic journey of self-discovery. Imagine if your personality could be encapsulated in the essence of an essential oil. Intriguing, isn't it? Today, we're delving into this fascinating concept, blending the art of personality understanding with the world of essential oils.

The Intersection of Inner Self and Essential Oils

Through my coaching program, My Seven Windows, I’ve explored the depths of the inner self and its associated qualities: Independent Seekers, Spiritual Intuitive, Loyal Leaders, Passionate Creators, Nurture Healers, Wise Intellectuals, and Playful Innocents. These are not just roles but windows into our soul, each resonating with a unique essence.

In this intriguing blend of aromatherapy and personality exploration, I’ve carefully matched each of these windows with specific essential oils. Why, you ask? Because understanding this alignment offers numerous benefits:

1. Journey of Self-Discovery and Personal Growth Discovering your essential oil counterpart is not only fun but also enlightening. It's an opportunity for introspection, potentially revealing unexplored facets of your personality.

2. Embracing Your Inner Self This quiz helps deepen your connection with your inner self, leading to a more balanced and empowered life.

3. Practical Insights for Everyday Life Aligning with your window and essential oil can inform your decisions in both personal and professional realms.

4. A Spark for Creativity and Inspiration Engaging with the different personalities and their corresponding oils can ignite creativity and innovation, especially beneficial for those in creative industries.

5. Mindfulness and Relaxation The process of this quiz and the subsequent use of your essential oil can be a serene and mindful experience, offering a tranquil break in a bustling life.

6. Goal Alignment with Inner Strengths By identifying your dominant window and essential oil, you can set goals that resonate with your innate strengths, paving a more fulfilling journey towards success.

7. Empowered by Knowledge Understanding the power of essential oils and self-awareness equips you to make informed decisions about your well-being and personal development.

Taking this quiz is about embarking on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Each essential oil holds a unique power, just like each of you!

Meet Your Essential Oil Personality

Rose (Nurture Healers): Healing, compassionate, family-oriented. Rose Oil personalities are heart-centered, embracing emotions with patience and support.

Tea Tree (Independent Seekers): Independent, confident, adventurous. Tea Tree individuals value freedom, are goal-oriented, and stand up for their beliefs.

Cinnamon Leaf (Passionate Creators): Creative, inspiring, sensual. Cinnamon Leaf personalities embody love, connection, and an abundance mindset.

Peppermint (Wise Intellectuals): Knowledgeable, strategic, disciplined. Peppermint personalities are insightful counselors, valuing honesty and organization.

Lavender (Spiritual Intuitive): Tranquil, introspective, intuitive. Lavender individuals prioritize inner peace, embodying serenity and awareness.

Lemon (Playful Innocents): Playful, optimistic, energetic. Lemon personalities are open-hearted, embracing life with wonder and creative solutions.

Vetiver (Loyal Leaders): Conscientious, entrepreneurial, decisive. Vetiver individuals lead with confidence and are committed to the greater good.