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The 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide for Every Dad on Your List

From the masters of the grill to the connoisseurs of dad comedy, our fathers have a special place in our hearts. And with Father’s Day just around the corner, many of us may still be searching for that perfect gift that will show just how much we care. To help you on your search, we have compiled a list of our favorite dad-approved gifts that are sure to make this next Father’s Day go off without a hitch.

Just don’t touch the thermostat. 

For the Outdoorsy Dads

Outdoorsy Dads

Bug Away Roll-On ($14.95) or Bug Away Neat ($19.95)

As a fan of the great outdoors, your dad will love receiving anything that will help him become one with nature. Treat him to our signature Bug Away essential oil blend for an all-natural and conveniently handy bug repellent that will shoo away pesky mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, and more!

For the Stylish Dads

Urbane Sienna Dark Bamboo Diffuser

Urbane Sienna Dark Bamboo Diffuser ($59.95)

Encourage your dad’s love for the finer things in life with our Urbane Sienna Bamboo Diffuser. Designed with style in mind, this sleek combination of glass and dark bamboo will add style and personality to any room’s decor. Pair your gift with Sandalwood, Lime, and Black Pepper essential oils to help him experience aromatherapy in style.

For the Business Dads

Migraine Support

Migraine Support ($25.95)

Your dad is a hard worker, and he deserves all the extra support he can get. Treat him to some much-needed relief with our signature Migraine Support blend. Made with a mix of relieving essential oils designed to stop migraines in their tracks, this blend is sure to become your dad’s new favorite business partner.

For the Sporty Dads


Tohi Complete Relief ($27.95) and True Blue Roll-On ($16.95)

Fill your dad’s gym bag with some extra support this Father’s Day with our Tohi Complete Relief muscle rub cream and our signature True Blue roll-on blend. Designed to relax stiff joints and soothe sore muscles, this workout duo will help do the heavy lifting after your dad’s next workout session.

For the Stressed Dads

Extra Strength CBD Oil

Extra Strength CBD Oil ($139.95)

Add an extra level of chill this Father’s Day with our Extra Strength CBD Oil. CBD is scientifically proven to help reduce stress and improve overall health and wellness. With 1,500mg of CBD per bottle, this gift is sure to help your dad find the calm that he needs to enjoy his special day and every day.

Have a Happy Father’s Day

Being a dad isn’t easy, and this Father’s Day, we want to help you celebrate your dad the way he deserves. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for his special day, treat him to something that he’ll love with these five dad-approved items.