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It’s Fall, Y’all DIY Room Spray

Fill your space with the smells of autumn and spice with this easy DIY room spray.

Use this essential oil room spray to invoke feelings of happiness, comfort, and joy.

Spend the holiday season with family and friends this year and bring the scents of fall indoors with this refreshing DIY room spray. Celebrate Thanksgiving with a bit of sweet and a bit of spice and breathe in the scents of this all natural essential oil room spray.

It’s Fall, Y’all DIY Room Spray

What You’ll Need: 


  1. In your glass bottle, carefully combine water, witch hazel, Clove Bud oil, Orange oil, Grapefruit oil, and Cinnamon oil.
  2. Shake well to incorporate.
  3. When your space needs a little burst of autumn joy, spritz around your space, paying special attention to cushions, curtains, and fabric-covered furniture. Shake well before each use.

*Caution: This spray does contain hot oils, which may cause sensitivity and irritation if sprayed onto the skin. Only use this spray as a room spray for aromatic purposes.

It's Fall, Y'all DIY Room Spray: Embrace the Autumn Essence

Autumn carries a charm, a sensation of comfort, nostalgia, and warmth. It's that time of year when the leaves transform into hues of gold and crimson, and the air has a distinct crispness. What better way to welcome this season than infusing your space with the essence of fall?

The Essence of It's Fall, Y'all DIY Room Spray

Ingredients of the Fragrance

Creating the perfect autumn ambiance requires a delicate blend of essential oils that remind us of pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and fireside evenings.

The Inspiration Behind the Spray

Every scent tells a story, and ours is steeped in fall festivities' rich traditions and comfort.

Why DIY Room Sprays for Autumn?

Natural vs. Commercial Scents

Commercial room sprays might be convenient, but they often contain synthetic chemicals. On the other hand, DIY sprays contain natural, pure, and authentic ingredients that echo the genuine essence of fall.

Benefits of Personalized Fragrances

Crafting your spray allows for a personal touch, ensuring the scent suits your preference.

Crafting the Perfect Fall Scent

Essential Oil Blends for Autumn

Consider a blend of cinnamon, clove, and orange essential oils. These oils not only embody autumn but also offer therapeutic benefits.

The Magic of Spice Notes

Spices are the heart of autumn. Nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon evoke festive feelings and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

How to Make It's Fall, Y'all DIY Room Spray

Materials Needed

Gather materials, from essential oils to the perfect spray bottle, to embark on this aromatic journey.

Step-by-Step Guide

From blending to bottling, we'll guide you through each step, ensuring your room spray captures the essence of autumn.

Tips for the Best Results

Shake well before each use, and always conduct a patch test to ensure no discoloration on fabrics.

Storing and Using Your Room Spray

Prolonging the Scent's Shelf-Life

Store in a cool, dark place to maximize the longevity of your DIY room spray.

Best Times to Spritz Your Space

From early morning freshness to setting the evening mood, learn the optimal times to use your spray.

Safety Precautions

Using Essential Oils Wisely

While essential oils are natural, they're potent. Always dilute and use sparingly.

Storing Away from Pets and Children

Remember, what's pleasant for you might not be safe for your furry friends or little ones.

The Environmental Impact of DIY Room Sprays

Reducing Plastic Waste

You're stepping towards a greener Earth by reusing spray bottles and sourcing eco-friendly ingredients.

The Eco-Friendliness of Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients break down more efficiently, reducing environmental impact.

Alternative DIY Fall Scents

Apple and Cinnamon Bliss

Capture the essence of apple orchards with this delightful blend.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Who said pumpkin spice was only for lattes?


Is the DIY spray safe for all fabrics?

The It's Fall, Y'all DIY Room Spray is crafted with natural ingredients, which are generally gentle on fabrics. However, like any other product, it's always wise to do a patch test on a hidden area of your material first. You know, to be on the safe side. But rest assured, once you give it the green light, you can spritz away and let that delightful autumn aroma envelop your space!

How long does the scent typically last?

The longevity of a scent varies based on factors like its type and concentration. Typically, fragrances last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, with high-quality perfumes sometimes exceeding 12 hours. Personal body chemistry, environmental conditions, and application methods also influence how long a scent lingers on your skin.

What are the best essential oil brands to consider?

Regarding essential oils, the official website of Rocky Mountain Oils is a reliable source for their products. You can visit their website, explore their range of essential oils, and place an order directly. The best essential oil brands to consider include Clove Bud, Orange, Grapefruit, and Cinnamon Bark from Rocky Mountain Oils. This company often provides third-party testing, transparent sourcing, and a wide range of essential oils, making them reliable options for those seeking high-quality oils for aromatherapy, skincare, or other purposes. Remember to research specific oils, their intended uses, and any safety guidelines before incorporating them into your daily routine.

How can I adjust the intensity of the smell?

To adjust the intensity of a smell, gradually start with a light application and layer scented products. For essential oils, dilute them with a carrier oil to reduce their strength. You can also control the intensity by varying the distance when spraying and improving ventilation in a space to disperse the scent more subtly.

Can I use the spray as a personal fragrance?

Yes, you can certainly use a spray as a personal fragrance. Many sprays, such as body mists or body sprays, are designed for this purpose. They offer a lighter, more subtle scent compared to traditional perfumes or colognes, making them great for everyday use or when you prefer a less intense fragrance. Just apply the spray to pulse points like your wrists and neck, and you're good to go.


Crafting your own, It's Fall, Y'all DIY Room Spray is more than just mixing ingredients. It's about capturing the spirit of autumn, making memories, and embracing the season wholeheartedly.