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Essential Oils for Allergies

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?

If you do, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world struggle with allergies.

During seasonal transitions, it can seem like your allergies are taking over and making everyday life a hassle. Sometimes, your first thought would be to head to the drugstore for some over-the-counter medication. And while these products may work, they can sometimes have opposite side effects and can make your allergies worse. Try out these essential oils for allergies to provide relief for your symptoms, the natural way! Discover your new favorite essential oil blend for allergies and keep your allergy symptoms at bay.

What Are Allergies

Allergies occur when the body’s immune system identifies a substance or allergen as harmful and reacts defensively to it. In other words, the immune system makes an antibody to respond to this supposedly threatening allergen. It launches an attack against it, even if it is as simple or usually harmless as dust, nuts, or even certain metal particles. The symptoms that result from touching, ingesting, or even breathing in these allergens are called allergic reactions. These symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening or localized to widespread and can appear as rashes, inflammation, swelling, itching, or breathing troubles. 

Seasonal allergies, sometimes called hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis, are allergy symptoms that happen during certain times of the year. They are commonly due to mold or pollen releases which can change in quantity and strength during the seasonal changes. Symptoms of seasonal allergies can include sneezing, itchy nose or throat, itchy or red eyes, congestion, runny nose, and coughing.

Those who suffer from seasonal allergies are often told to avoid triggers or allergens that can spark or cause their symptoms. However, this isn’t always possible as some allergens thrive in outside environments. Allergens like pollen or dust are hard, if not impossible to avoid due to their highly transmissible nature. Trees, flowers, grass, weeds, gusts of wind, and animals can spread these potential allergens and thus increase people’s allergic reactions.

How Essential Oils Can Help

Essential oils have many therapeutic benefits that have been used for numerous health conditions like allergies and asthma. Many essential oils contain properties that help soothe the body’s immune system's reactions and inflammatory responses. These essential oils for allergies work by easing the symptoms that accompany seasonal allergies or hay fever. They can aid in making the seasonal transition experience an overall more bearable and comfortable one. One can also try our essential oil blends for allergies to experience a mixture of different essential oil scents and benefits. Our essential oil blends combine the best single allergy essential oils to create versatile and multifaceted oil blends that attend to many aspects of allergy care, from allergy relief to immunity support, to symptom prevention.

Best Essential Oils for Allergies 

1. Lavender

Gentle floral aroma; calming, enhances sleep & great for the skin.

With its fast-acting soothing properties, Lavender is a must-have essential oil for allergy season. Known as a natural antihistamine, Lavender can help ease your body’s inflammatory response to potential allergens. You can also use Lavender to soothe skin irritations that commonly occur with allergies. One study concludes that Lavender oil can actually prevent specific allergic inflammation and mucous cell enlargement. Therefore, this would help alleviate allergy symptoms and ease your body’s reaction to allergens.

2. Eucalyptus

Crisp, menthol-like; aids in centering & clearing the mind.
Bright, menthol, floral; may help with asthma, allergies & colds.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, both Eucalyptus radiata and Eucalyptus citridora are great essential oils for hay fever and allergies. Both oils offer powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-infectious benefits and properties. Inhaling Eucalyptus can promote deeper breathing and a healthier respiratory system. Eucalyptus’ therapeutic properties and benefits make it one of the most common essential oils found in essential oil blends for allergies. Additionally, Eucalyptus can be used as an expectorant to help promote clear airways and respiratory tracts. Along with its purifying properties, Eucalyptus’ cool scent also eases sinus blockages and itchiness. 

3. Lemon

Smells like a fresh lemon; helps reduce stress & improves focus.

Lemon oil is known to support your body’s lymphatic system. As a result, this citrusy oil can help you overcome respiratory conditions like congestion, sinus inflammation, and blocked respiratory tracts. Lemon also has antioxidant properties to cleanse the body of toxins and ease responses to allergens. The essential oil can also purify and cleanse the air around you.

4. Ravintsara (Ho Wood)

Fresh, cooling aroma; calming & boosts respiratory health.

Commonly known as Ho Wood or Ho Leaf, Ravintsara contains high amounts of 1,8 cineole. This constituent offers many therapeutic benefits, including easing sinus pain, loosening mucus, and relieving headaches. You can also use Ravintsara to promote a healthy inflammatory response.

5. Peppermint

Minty, cool, invigorating; alleviates headaches & migraines.

Breathe a little easier with the help of Peppermint essential oil. Inhaling the aroma of Peppermint can bring relief from nasal congestion and scratchy throats. A natural expectorant, this minty oil can help alleviate coughs and promote better breathing.

Best Essential Oil Blends for Allergies

1. Breathe Ease

Sharp, menthol-like scent; clears congestion, eases muscles.

This powerful essential oil allergy blend Breathe Ease, will help you unclog your respiratory tract and break up your congestion. It features a combination of Eucalyptus radiata, Eucalyptus citriodora, Myrtle, Peppermint, Spruce, Ravintsara, Pine, and Marjoram. The blend will provide you with a strong methanol-like aroma that will have you sigh in relief as you clear up your breathing and congestion. Breathe Ease utilizes the anti-inflammatory properties of Eucalyptus and the minty aroma of Peppermint to promote mucus breakup. Which can help alleviate allergy symptoms like sneezing and coughing and provides relief to the sinus areas.

2. Revitalize

Citrusy, floral, uplifting; eases jet lags & seasonal depression.

With a sharp and strong uplifting citrusy scent, our specially crafted Revitalize essential oil is a must-have essential oil blend for allergies. This blend features an intricate combination of Lemon, Orange, Black Cumin, Fennel, Peppermint, Neem, Clove Bud, Ginger Root, Ravintsara (Ho Wood), Lemongrass, Spearmint, Eucalyptus citriodora, Lavender, Cinnamon Bark, Helichrysum italicum, Sandalwood, and Frankincense in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil. We purposely formulated Revitalize using the best combination of oils to create the perfect essential oil allergy blend. Channeling the antioxidant properties of Lemon, the anti-inflammatory properties of Eucalyptus citriodora, and the relieving properties of Ravintsara (Ho Wood), among many others, Revitalize is allergy relief in a bottle.

3. Breathe

Sharp, menthol-like scent; clears congestion, eases muscles.

Our Breathe blend works to promote a healthy respiratory system. The oil is a great essential oil blend for allergies because it isn’t too strong for anyone who might be more sensitive to scent. In addition, the roll-on is also a great light essential oil allergy blend for sensitive people and kids as it comes with a 2% dilution rate. The Roll-On features a mix of Lemon, Cedarwood Atlas, Frankincense, Black Pepper, Lavender Bulgaria, and Roman Chamomile in a base of 98% Fractionated Coconut Oil. You can use this essential oil to regain control over your breathing in moments of panic, anxiety, overstimulation, or noise.

4. Deep Breathe

Woodsy, herbaceous; soothes sore throats and calms coughing.

Our Deep Breathe blend contains Ravintsara, Rosemary, Pine, and Lime essential oils to deliver a powerful refreshing scent. We highly recommend Deep Breathe to help relieve aches that may accompany any congestion. Also, this woodsy blend is our best recommendation to help support your body’s natural immune system and promote deep breathing in times of allergy-related breathing difficulties.