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Posted November in Recipes by Rocky Mountain Oils

DIY Fall Spice Toilet Spray

Heavy Thanksgiving food means heavy Thanksgiving bathroom breaks, so be sure to arm your bathroom with an odor-killing toilet spray!

Ensure your bathroom is ready for guests this holiday season and make your own DIY Toilet Spray.

Thanksgiving is finally here and it's time to celebrate with delicious food! Forget about counting your calories this holiday season and immerse yourself in the delicious goodies of Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy with your loved ones and share some love and laughter around the table. Make sure your home and bathroom are ready for your guests with this DIY Toilet Spray, and freshen up your space with Thanksgiving essential oils. Invite the warm, sweet, and spicy aromas of the season into your home with our collection of Fall Essential Oils and never worry about undesirable scents again.

Host your holiday parties worry-free and create your own homemade poo pourri spray to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and spicy with Fall and Thanksgiving essential oils all season long.

Try this DIY Fall Spice Toilet Spray

diy toilet spray thanksgiving essential oils cinnamon bark

What you need

How to Make

  1. Add Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Clove Bud, Cardamom, and Orange essential oils into the glass spray bottle.
  2. Pour rubbing alcohol into the glass spray bottle, and swirl the bottle a few times to combine.
  3. Add Vegetable Glycerin (optional) into the glass spray bottle.
  4. Pour distilled water into the glass spray bottle.
  5. Screw on cap, and shake well to combine.

How to use

Simply shake the bottle a couple of times to ensure the solution is mixed, then spray 10 spritzes into the toilet bowl before using. 

*Caution: Do not get the mist on the toilet seat. If you do, be sure to wipe it off. Because this blend does not have a carrier oil and contains hot oils, it can cause skin sensitivity if someone were to sit on the seat with the mixture on it.