Organic Tea Tree

Essential Oil
Known to boost the immune system
and rejuvenate the skin.

Organic Peppermint

Essential Oil
Alleviates mental fatigue and
boosts energy and alertness.

Organic Orange

Essential Oil
Fresh aroma that helps calm
the senses while bringing joyfulness.

Organic Lemon

Essential Oil
A fresh crisp aroma that inspires a
positive mood.

Organic Lavender

Essential Oil
A highly versatile essential oil that is a
favorite for calming moods and calming skin.

Organic Frankincense

Essential Oil
An ancient favorite that creates
mindfulness and balance to self.

Organic Oregano

Essential Oil
An extremely potent oil that can be used for
cleaning, immune support and skin care.

Organic Eucalyptus

Essential Oil
A versatile oil that can help relax sore muscles, support a healthy
respiratory system as well as be used for cleaning.

Organic Grapefruit

Essential Oil
A clean, fresh smelling oil that will boost the mood
and help increase mental function.

Organic Turmeric

Essential Oil
Used for thousands of years for its therapeutic and soothing properties. Can assist with immune function and skin care.