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Our Mind is Our Biggest Cheerleader!

We've all been there, whether your boots are 5 inches below snow or you’ve been graciously touched by winter’s natural lavender lips and fingertips effect. At one point or another, we’ve found ourselves wishing we were anywhere but here! Having an office in Utah, we are no stranger to the darker and colder days that can have us feeling like we don’t want to get out of bed.

Even in Florida where we have our second office, the crisp ocean breeze catches anyone by surprise during the winter season. We understand it is easy to fall into a very uninvited and frequently dismissed seasonal depression. That is why we are here to bring you some of our best tips and practices for a powerful self-care practice through the rough winter months and even after. 

Typically when people talk about health, the first thing that comes to mind is our physical health. How and what can we do to make sure our bodies are as healthy as they can be? However, this leaves out a huge portion of our overall well-being: our mental and emotional health.

This is a topic that can be hard for people to talk about but it is just as important. In this blog we will cover an easy guide to the most supporting and nourishing essential oils (EO) that will ensure wellness in the mind so that by extension, we will be supporting our bodies as well--after all, our mind is our biggest cheerleader! 

The University of Minnesota conducted a study where a successful and powerful career woman named Julie, was experiencing detrimental health conditions, despite her thriving career. As it turns out, Julie had diabetes and frequent anxiety about running her business. The anxiety took over so often, it clouded her ability to focus on her blood sugar levels: a combination that landed her in several diabetic commas over time. 

Per her doctor’s guidance, Julie began taking “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)” classes, helping her mind enter a clear state for her to focus on her body. Julie was able to take control of her life once more. With newly learned (and regularly exercised) meditation and calming practices, her body and mind were working collectively once again! This is a perfect example of the interrelationship our mind and body have. Clear state of mind, clear focus on our bodies; healthy bodies, calm state of mind--and a better life!

This is where EO’s come in! Below you will find a beautiful guide to oils, methods, and uses for the special collection we’ve put together just for you!

Ideas for relieving feelings of stress and anxiety-rising moments for beginners:

  • One drop of EO on Facial Masks: Add one drop of EO on the outside of your face mask. Great for easing social anxiousness, especially for individuals who are not used to wearing masks or have a negative physiological/mental response to wearing masks.

(EO’s to use: Lavender, Tranquility, Sweet Oasis) // calmness, relieved anxiety, tranquility, deep breaths

  • One drop of EO on Pillows: Add one drop of EO on the sides of your pillow. Get a great night’s sleep and let go of lingering thoughts and worries by sleeping with a soothing scent that will accompany you through the night until morning comes. Try to breathe in deeply several times and let yourself feel your head sinking into your calming pillow.

(EO’s to use: Lavender, Sacred Frankincense, Sage) // soothed anxiousness, ample sleep, calm mind

  • One drop of EO on Towels: Add one drop of EO on your towel. Enjoy immediate calmness after showers. It induces serotonin levels in your brain that promote peacefulness, clarity, and a strong soothing state when taking a moment to breathe. Keep your eyes closed, then finish by wrapping yourself in a towel now induced with positive and relaxed thoughts. 

(EO’s to use: Sacred Frankincense, Attention Assist, Lavender) // focus, motivation, memory sharpness, calmness, muscles ease, soothed aching joints

  • Favorite EO Blend Diffuser: Add your favorite EO’s into your favorite diffuser and let it aromatize, deodorize, and uplift any room! Enhance your mood and support your emotional harmony. This can also be done by using a tissue or steaming bowl of water with a few drops of EO. Simple as that!

(EO’s to use: Sweet Oasis, Sage, Tranquility) // calmness, relaxation, serenity

More ideas for relieving feelings of stress and anxiety-rising moments for intermediate/advanced:

  • Favorite EO Blend in Bath: Let’s start with a reminder to NOT use peppermint without a carrier for baths, it may cause skin irritation. Remember to use a few drops mixed with your favorite carriers like Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Coconut, or Vegetable oils. Make it your personal little safe haven for a while, keep in your mind this is a safe space. This is your space to close your eyes, hum, disconnect for a while. Lay back and relax, while taking in your favorite, calming, refreshing EO’s. 

(EO’s to use: Lavender, Sacred Frankincense, Sage) // soothed anxiousness, ample sleep, calm mind, feeling of rejuvenated skin

  • Favorite EO Blend Skin Lotion: For any aches, itchiness, or scars, create a blend of your absolute favorite oils that are most responsive to your body. Keep track of how many drops you are using of each oil so you are able to keep this special recipe with you. Mix with your favorite carrier (i.e. Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Coconut) and wa-la! You have created your very own relaxing, beautiful body lotion customized with love for your happy skin.

(EO’s to use: Sacred Frankincense, Rose, Tea Tree, Sweet Oasis) // beautiful skin sensation, feeling of rejuvenated skin, relaxed state

  • Massage Oil: Increase your circulation, relieve aches and pains, nourish your skin, and feel the relaxation take over. Have a wonderful massage with oils and scents that demand a pause for your day-long, hard-working trains of thought. This option also supports emotional balance for a harmonious end of day state.

(EO’s to use: Sacred Frankincense, Attention Assist, Lavender) // focus, motivation, memory sharpness, calmness, muscles ease, soothed aching joints, grounded feeling, soothed tension

Whether winter is upon us or not, we hope these tips and tricks will help ensure a happy mind, for a happy body. Our mind is our biggest cheerleader. She is so powerful, she needs equally powerful elements to aid her. She takes in what we see and experience, and she lets us feel, think, and act. Our mental health is so beautiful and important, we bring to you a special little nest of EO’s that will aid in gifting her some peace and serenity for brighter moments. 

Although these tips and guidelines have been broken up by experience level, please definitely feel free to try out any option you connect with--if you need any help you can always reach out to us and we’d be more than honored to help! Remember to give yourself warm praise and a big hug for doing amazing this year. You are bright and beautiful and you deserve all the happiness and health. 

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by all there is in the world of EO’s, do not be discouraged! EO’s are simply here to give your life another reason to smile and your heart another reason to glow. Take it a baby step at a time, try it one day, come back to it later, maybe try a roll-on, or maybe a step further. Whatever works best for you, there is no way to fail. 

We hope you have a wonderful rest of your year--here’s to 2021! This year can not beat a stronger and more powerful you!

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