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All About Turmeric

We have been hearing so much about Turmeric lately in the news, and health and wellness industry, and we thought it was time to jump into the conversation.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the name “Turmeric”, I only see that super fine, vibrant, golden-yellow powder in my head. Then I start thinking about (and smelling/drooling) Indian food and curry!

Other than being a spice for delicious, exotic cuisine, did you know that Turmeric is an essential oil, too?!

The Turmeric essential oil originates from India and is extracted from the Curcuma longa plant roots through steam distillation. Turmeric has a thin consistency and offers a balsamic, spicy, semi-sweet aroma that blends well with Ginger, Grapefruit, Clary Sage, Cinnamon, and Clove essential oils.

What makes Turmeric so special, you ask?

First, let's learn a little more about it, such as where it came from, its history -- that sort of stuff!

Turmeric is a root and a member of the ginger family. It is known for its vibrant color when cut or ground. Commonly called Indian Saffron, Golden Spice, or Indian Yellow Root, Turmeric grows throughout India, Asia, and Central America.

Turmeric has actually been used in ancient cultures for its medicinal purposes for over 4,000 years! This long history includes being a part of Ayurvedic practices and Chinese medicine to treat inflammatory, pain, and mood-related conditions.

Turmeric Essential Oil Benefits

Turmeric is a multifaceted essential oil that offers many benefits, including assisting with hair and skin health, pain relief, joint pain, cognitive and brain health, digestive health, stress relief, and inflammation in the body.

One of the main constituents Turmeric has to offer is something called Curcumin. This powerful, naturally occurring chemical compound is really what all the hype is about! Curcumin offers strong anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful antioxidant, commonly used in supplements.

Reducing inflammation in the body is something everyone should be aware of. Whether it’s internal or external, finding that perfect product can be key to relieving many health issues caused by inflammation. Inflammation of the body can potentially cause headaches, joint pain, fatigue, digestive upset, and even cold and flu symptoms.

Because Turmeric is known to be a very powerful anti-inflammatory, it is ideal to make Turmeric part of your daily health routine if you are dealing with any of these issues.

How to use Turmeric Essential Oil

Since Turmeric can help with so many things, here are some tips and tricks for using the essential oil to support your everyday health and wellness!

Sore Muscle Blend

Combine all ingredients in a glass container, and shake to mix. Massage onto sore and tired muscles for relief.

Sore Joint Blend

Combine all ingredients in a glass container, and shake to mix. Apply to the hands, wrists, or knees as needed to soothe tight and sore joints.

Healthy Skin Blend

Combine both ingredients into a glass container, and shake to mix. Massage mixture onto trouble spots on your skin to help improve your complexion.

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair Serum

Combine ingredients together in a glass container, and shake to mix. Pour the blend into the palm of your hand, and then massage it into the scalp. Let sit for 30 minutes to as much as overnight. Rinse mixture out using your favorite shampoo.

Memory & Focus Diffuser Blend

Add to a diffuser or personal aromatherapy inhaler. Diffuse or deeply inhale for a boost in memory, cognitive function, and focus.

Digestive Health Inhaler

Add to a diffuser or personal aromatherapy inhaler. Diffuse or deeply inhale to relieve nausea, bloating, and general digestive upset.

Stress Release Diffuser Blend

Add to a diffuser or personal aromatherapy inhaler. Diffuse or deeply inhale to promote relaxation, calm the mind, and help with handling stressful situations.

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