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Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Love and Gratitude

Thanksgiving is just a week away...

And many of our team members here at Rocky Mountain Oils cannot wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with love, family, and thankfulness. 

Though the last two years have looked different for many of us, we wanted to share some easy ways to fill your home and hearts with the autumn spirit and better enjoy the season of giving and gratitude. Celebrate Thanksgiving this year with these fun Thanksgiving riddles, crafts, & a few Thanksgiving diffuser blends to make your day more memorable for you and your family!

Make Fall Outdoor Memories

Experience gratitude and the magic of autumn by spending a few hours outside in nature this Thanksgiving Day. Take a mindful walk through nature and try to pick out things that make you feel grateful, hopeful, or happy. To help you get started, try marking off everything on this simple scavenger hunt list we created below:

Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Love and Gratitude

Carve Out Some Time for Activities

Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday for adults — help the little ones in your home get into the Thanksgiving crafts mood with some hands-on activities that they will love! See below for a few fun, easy, and creative ways to celebrate the season of giving.

Thankful Turkey Activity

Give your little ones a chance to practice mindfulness and gratitude with this easy and fun Thanksgiving craft that you’ll want to save in your memory box for years to come.

Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Love and Gratitude

What You’ll Need: 

  • Colored Paper
  • Brown Paper Bag
  • Marker or Pencil
  • Glue


  1. Start by cutting out a body for your turkey using the brown paper bag. 
  2. Using the colored paper, cut out feet, eyes, feathers, and a beak for your turkey. To really customize your turkey, feel free to cut out any extra features, like a hat, scarf, or a bowtie!
  3. Glue the eyes, beak, and feet on your turkey’s body.
  4. For each feather, ask your child to write down one thing that they are thankful for. 
  5. Glue each feather to the turkey’s body with the writing facing up, creating a full and gracious tail-feather.
  6. *Incorporate your favorite essential oils by spritzing with your favorite room spray!

Brain-Teasers and Thanksgiving Riddles

Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Love and Gratitude

Give your kids something to contemplate while you work on the finishing touches on your family’s dinner with these 5 head-scratching Thanksgiving riddles!

Create the Thanksgiving Spirit with Essential Oils

Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Love and Gratitude

Fill your home with the smells of autumn and delicious homemade cooking. Try these three easy DIY diffuser blends that will fill your space with warmth, love, and gratitude:

Orange Spice Diffuser Blend

Grateful Heart Diffuser Blend

Gingersnap Cookies Diffuser Blend

Looking for more ways to incorporate essential oils into your Thanksgiving festivities? Check out this blog with a great toilet spray and our exclusive fall inspired essential oils blends. 

Plan the Perfect Holiday With Thanksgiving Essential Oils