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Best Essential Oil Blend for Coughs and Colds

Combat the congestion and sore throats of cold and flu season with our Best Essential Oil Blend For Coughs and Colds!

Soothe your respiratory system, clear up your congestion, and relieve your sore throat with just a few drops of Breathe Ease! 

Taking in a big, deep breath of fresh air can do wonders for your health and soul. But, what about those times when you are so stuffed up it feels like you can hardly breathe at all? From allergies and asthma to the annual cold and flu, there are a lot of things that can clog up our respiratory tracts and make it difficult to breathe. That's where Breathe Ease comes in. Try out Best Essential Oil Blend For Coughs and Cold, and never go back to artificial or chemical respiratory aids again!

What is in Breathe Ease? 

Breathe Ease is a combination of the most powerful essential oils for respiratory health. These oils work together to help your body’s ability to break up congestion and mucus while soothing your respiratory system. 

1. Eucalyptus Radiata

Crisp, menthol-like; aids in centering & clearing the mind.

The most well-known variety of Eucalyptus, this essential oil is rich in a compound called 1,8-cineole that is recognized for its ability to help you recover from respiratory ailments, congestion, and coughs. 

2. Eucalyptus Citriodora

Bright, menthol, floral; may help with asthma, allergies & colds.

Also known as lemon eucalyptus, this variety is similar to Eucalyptus Radiata. Eucalyptus Citriodora can also be used to inspire deeper breathing and relieve discomfort caused by respiratory ailments. 

3. Myrtle

Energizing floral aroma; anti-inflammatory, astringent, antifungal.

Similarly to Eucalyptus, Myrtle is also rich in 1,8-cineole and a-pinene. As a result, this oil promotes healthy respiratory function while clearing congestion and soothing coughs often brought on by the cold or flu. 

4. Peppermint

Minty, cool, invigorating; alleviates headaches & migraines.

Notably, one of the most well-known essential oils, Peppermint contains high levels of Menthol, which can help bring relief from the discomfort of congested airways and sinuses. 

5. Spruce

Woodsy, earthy; anti-inflammatory that may help with chronic pain.

With high levels of camphene and a-pinene, Spruce essential oil is especially known for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. 

6. Ravintsara

Fresh, cooling aroma; calming & boosts respiratory health.

This woodsy oil is incredibly high in 1,8-cineole, making it one of the most powerful essential oils to use when experiencing coughs or congestion. This essential oil is especially well-known for its ability to help you recover faster from respiratory issues like allergies, congestion, and lingering coughs.

7. Pine

Fresh, woodsy aroma; supports lymphatic system & adrenal glands.

Additionally, Pine has high levels of both a-pinene and b-pinene which are both known for their natural anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, this essential oil can be used to soothe coughs and promote deeper breathing

8. Marjoram

Sweet and uplifting; treats insomnia, stress & inflammation.

Certainly known for its soothing and relaxing properties, Marjoram is used to help ease the discomfort associated with colds and coughs. 

How to Use Breathe Ease 


  • Inhale directly from the bottle with a deep breath for quick relief when you are feeling stuffy 
  • Add 5-10 drops to your favorite diffuser when you feel the symptoms of a cold or experiencing general congestion. 


  • Apply our Breathe Ease roll-on to target areas like your chest, neck, and temples to open up your airways and clear out congestion 
  • Add 1-2 drops of Breathe Ease with your favorite carrier oil like Jojoba, and rub into your chest, temples and bottom of the feet 

Our Favorite Breathe Ease Cold and Flu Recipes 

Breathe Ease Chest Rub 

Melt the beeswax with the carrier oil in a double boiler over low heat. When just melted, add drops of Breathe Ease, and stir well to combine. Pour the mixture into a sealable container, and let it cool completely. To use, rub on your chest or bottom of your feet to help soothe away coughs and clear congestion. 

Breathe Ease Pillow Spray 

  • 40- 60 drops Breathe Ease 
  • 2oz Distilled Water 
  • 2oz Witch Hazel 
  • 4oz Glass Spray Bottle