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Essential Oils For Bachelors

Living a single life can be fun, but if you are one of those men out there who is looking for a good woman to build a relationship with, dating can seem much harder. While there are plenty of women to meet, sometimes it may seem like the ones you actually want to get to know aren't around or interested. If you're feeling like you need an extra wingman or a confidence boost, try using essential oils next you go out looking for a date. 

Using essential oils may not seem like a "manly" thing to do, but it's really just like wearing cologne. And besides, the human sense of smell is extremely powerful, so use it to your advantage. No, using essential oils won't cause all of the women to come running. But, women are drawn to certain aromas, and wearing those aromas can help you stand out from the crowd and get you that first conversation. 

Top Essential Oils for Bachelors

Before you head into town or out on a date, try using some of these essential oils. We've compiled a list of essential oils and aromas that women love, so you'll know which ones to use as your wingman. Here are 7 essential oils to help your status go from "bachelor" to "in a relationship": 

1. Vanilla or Balsam of Peru

Vanilla-like scent w/ woodsy hints; boosts immunity & eases pain.

Vanilla is a universally loved aroma by both men and women. Its warm, comforting smell can create a similar atmosphere, allowing yourself and your date to feel at ease. Such an atmosphere can allow a woman to feel more comfortable opening up to you, which may make her want to see you again. Vanilla blends extremely well with manlier aromas, such as Sandalwood. For those who don't have Vanilla, Balsam of Peru is an excellent substitute.

2. Citrus Passion Blend

Citrus & vanilla; increases your motivation & energy to exercise.

Citrus aromas provide a crisp, clean, and energizing smell, which is great for boosting both male and female energy and libido. Citrus Passion not only blends citrus oils for that energy and mood boost, but it also contains Balsam of Peru in place of vanilla, which, as we just discussed, can evoke a powerful response in women. This Citrus Passion blend covers two powerful aromas in one! 

3. Patchouli

Deep, rich, earthy, musky; for stress relief & mental clarity.

Don't ignore this scent just because it's floral! Women are generally drawn to floral aromas, and Patchouli is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Plus, Patchouli isn't as sweet as other florals; its aroma is more earthy and herbaceous. Patchouli essential oil is great for fighting fatigue and sharpening your focus, so you can be fully present with your date, even after a long day at work -- and trust us, she will love that! Patchouli oil is also great for helping you relax while stimulating some arousal. 

4. Peppermint

Minty, cool, invigorating; alleviates headaches & migraines.

Women love the smell of Peppermint oil mainly because it offers a crisp, refreshing, and clean aroma. It is familiar yet still exotic enough from traditional colognes. Peppermint oil is also great for keeping your energy up, so you and your date can spend more time together. 

5. Neroli

Floral scent; kid-safe, boosts mood, anti-aging.

This floral oil is great for creating a relaxed, peaceful, and healthy atmosphere for both you and your date. With such an atmosphere, both you and your date can feel more willing to open up to each other, allowing the possibility of greater attraction and potential of a new relationship. Neroli oil blends great with citrus and other floral oils. 

6. Vetiver

Earthy, woodsy; improves the quality of sleep & nourishes hair.

Have you ever heard that women are drawn to a man's "musk" smell? Well, it's true, and Vetiver essential oil can provide that smell. In fact, many companies use Vetiver oil in their colognes simply because they know women find it attractive. With that said, try dabbing a little Vetiver on your pulse points before going out, and see if your date is drawn to that natural "musk" scent. 

7. Jasmine

Rich, floral scent; helps reverse fatigue.

As we mentioned, women are drawn to floral smells, and Jasmine is one of the favorites. Jasmine oil promotes feelings of self-confidence and diminishes fear, which can help your date feel more at ease as she breathes it in. Not only that, but Jasmine is great for men, too! If you are feeling a little hesitant to approach or make a move on someone you fancy, Jasmine oil can help give you that confidence boost you need. 

    How to Use Essential Oils 

    Essential oils are simple to use, and there are a variety of ways you can use them, depending on your personal preference. Here are just a few ways to use essential oils: 

    • Diffuse an oil or blend as you get ready. Breathing in the properties of relaxing, energizing, and/or confidence-boosting oils can put you in the right mood for your date. 
    • Dab a drop on your pulse points before you head out. Some of the best pulse points to apply oils include behind the ears, on the wrists, on the neck, and on the inner elbow. Be sure to dilute your oils before applying them to your skin! 
    • Create your own cologne spray, and spritz each collarbone before you get dressed. Quick recipe for a body spray: Combine 1oz distilled water, .5oz witch hazel, .5oz vegetable glycerine (option), and 10-20 drops of essential oil in small glass spray bottle. Shake well before each use.
    • Remember: you can mix floral oils with more earthy or "manly" aromas so that the floral smell is not too overpowering. 

    Final Tips 

    As we mentioned earlier, using essential oils and wearing aromas that women like does not mean that women will flock to you; however, these aromas can help you seem more attractive and help a woman feel more comfortable around you. While these can certainly help in the dating game, it is most important that you remember to be yourself when you meet someone or go on a date. Be a gentleman, show genuine interest, and just enjoy the chance to get to know each other. You never know what may come as a result!