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Lavender Greece

The benefits of Lavender Greece vs. Lavender Hungary In the near future, we will be switching our Lavender Hungary with Lavender Greece.

For us, high quality products have always been the top priority. We have recently noticed an increase in lavender essential oil that is mixed with other lavenders to help improve the smell and increase the quality.

This does not match our high standards or our rigorous process of selecting suppliers and unwavering commitment to stringent quality testing. We promise every essential oil we sell is 100% pure and authentic, and if we can not meet that promise we don’t sell the oil.

To ensure we provide premium oil from the original source, we are switching to Lavender Greece. It has passed all of our testing, and we are comfortable that it is actually Lavender Greece.

Simply stated, we have a process of quality unlike other essential oil companies. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products is rooted in our S.A.A.F.E. Promise™ and backed by our 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction of Quality.

Your peace of mind is important to us. That’s why we work so hard to deliver the best premium essential oils and blends in the market. Our high standards made switching from Lavender Hungary to Lavender Greece easy.

We feel you'll be very happy with the change to Lavender Greece. It will provide the same great benefits and enticingly sweet aroma you'd expect from a great lavender. Aside from being one of the most versatile oils around, Lavender Greece is also exceptionally praised for its skin healing abilities. 

All About Lavender Greece

Lavender Greece has a medium-strength, floral, herbaceous, and sweet aroma that presents as a top-middle fragrance note. It is commonly referred to as English Lavender, Garden Lavender, Common Lavender, True Lavender, and Narrow-Leaved Lavender.

This oil has commonly been used to create perfumes, linen sprays, and soaps. It's incredibly delicious aroma makes it perfect for DIY projects, and is prized for its skin healing abilities.

A lesser known use for Lavender Greece is discomfort. Lavender can be used topically when diluted with a carrier oil on achy joints and muscles. We recommend using it with Jojoba oil. It is a carrier oil that is incredibly rich in nutrients and absorbs at a slower rate making it the perfect option for blends geared towards discomfort.

A great combination to help ease discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle is Lavender, Clary Sage and, Carrot Seed.

Lavender Greece also works great as an after-sun skin moisturizer. The skin soothing properties are sure to soothe your skin. We recommend diluting it with Jojoba oil and applying it topically to the skin. For questions on how to dilute essential oils, click here.

Blending With Lavender Greece

Here are some of our all-time favorite recipes using Lavender Greece.

Oily Skin Care

Combine all ingredients to help rejuvenate your skin. Before using, wash your skin thoroughly, then massage in a portion of the formula. Apply daily. Store in a dark colored, glass bottle.

Soothing Seaweed Wrap

Mix the seaweed powder with a little warm water and make a paste. Add the essential oils to the almond oil, then stir this mixture into the seaweed paste.

Take a warm shower and exfoliate your skin using a loofah or body scrubber to aid absorption of the seaweed minerals. Apply the seaweed paste to your whole body, starting from your feet. Ask someone to apply it to your back and other areas you cannot reach. Cover yourself in plastic wrap and lie in a warm place for 20 – 30 minutes. Remove the plastic wrap and rinse off seaweed paste with a warm shower.

Hot and Bothered Feet

Use in one of the following ways:

  1. Dissolve baking soda into a foot basin or pail of tepid water. Add the essential oils, sit down, and soak your feet. This will not only make your feet feel better, but the aroma of the essential oils will make you feel more energetic.
  2. When you have neither the time nor the interest to soak your feet, put the above ingredients into a spray bottle with 1 cup water. Shake the bottle and spray your feet. Allow them to air dry.