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Leo Diffuser Blends

Confident, passionate, and charismatic, those born under the fire sign of Leo have earned themselves a reputation for being natural-born leaders. Represented by the lion, Leos are often known for their bravery, motivation, and the drive to do what is right. 

Born between the dates of July 22nd - August 22nd, Leo-born individuals share their unique zodiac sign with celebrities like Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and Alfred Hitchcock. Ruled by the sun, Leos are bright and passionate in everything they do, and often like to bask in the spotlight of their accomplishments. But while they do enjoy celebrating, Leos are known perfectionists at heart, and can become irritable or depressed when faced with challenges they cannot overcome.

For this regal zodiac sign, we recommend blends that boost confidence, promote feelings of self-awareness, and alleviate stress.

Leo Diffuser Blends

Leo Diffuser Blends

Royal Ambition

Fields of Gold

Lion Heart