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Write it Out: Journaling Prompts for Anxiety

As teenagers, many of us kept a diary or journal that we used to write down our thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams without fear of judgement. Writing has long-since been a safe-haven for many individuals who are looking to better organize their thoughts, plan out their goals, and release negative emotions in a way that is free from expectations or punishment. Unfortunately, this method of expressing ourselves through writing has drastically changed or has been greatly reduced as we reached adulthood. 

While you may no longer have your old childhood diary or journal, it’s incredibly easy to turn a new page and begin a new habit of expressing yourself through writing. The general concept and benefits are the same, and what’s even better is that you can adjust your writing through specific prompts to help gain better control of your emotions and help ease feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress that are stopping you from reaching your full potential.

How to Get Started

To begin, we’ve listed a series of writing prompts that you can use to balance your emotions and record your thought process during anxious, stressful, or unsettling times. You can complete all of these prompts or pick and choose which ones best fit your needs right at this moment. Happy writing!

Pro tip: To get the most out of your writing, and to gauge how this exercise affects your emotional health, write down your level of anxiousness on a scale of 1-10 before and after you write!

Journaling Prompts for Anxiety

  1. What does my anxiety feel like?
  2. What do I feel anxious about right now? (Write as many things as you can, big or small)
  3. A letter to someone who contributes to my anxiety:
  4. Are my worries realistic?
  5. How can I alleviate one worry right now?
  6. Three things that make me feel happy at the end of a long day:
  7. Today, my victories are…
  8. 3 things I want to remind myself each day:
  9. My top three accomplishments this week:
  10. 5 things that make me happy:
  11. My happiest memory is…

Pair Your Journaling with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has long been used as a way to stimulate the smell receptors in your nose and send messages to your nervous system to naturally dispel negative thoughts and ease feelings of anxiousness, stress, or depression. Before you break out your pen and paper, consider including a few of your favorite essential oils in your daily journaling routine to promote a more positive and calm state of mind. Some of our favorite oils and blends include:


Featuring a warm, floral, and citrusy scent, this blend offers exactly what its name suggests: tranquility. Use the Tranquility roll-on along your wrists and neck, or dilute with a carrier oil and apply topically for a fresh and uplifting aroma that will support you throughout your writing.


Treasured for its calming and soothing properties, Lavender essential oil is a wonderful option for anyone looking to balance everyday tension and stress. Add 1-2 drops of Lavender to your Handheld Personal Diffuser and turn it on just before writing for extra support.


With a mix of calming and woodsy essential oils, our Aligning blend is a great addition to your journaling experience. Dab a drop or two onto your hands and inhale deeply before your writing practice to uplift the mood and stimulate the mind.

Roman Chamomile

Renowned for its peaceful and relaxing benefits, Roman Chamomile is the perfect sidekick for any writing exercise. Add to a personal aromatherapy inhaler for a delicate and calming scent that will ground and support you throughout your journaling journey.

Holy Basil 

Strong, warm, and spicy, Holy Basil offers a sweet licorice and mint-like aroma that is said to help awaken the spirit and promote confidence. Diffuse 3-5 drops of this oil while journaling to fill your space with optimism and hope.