Citrus Essential Oils

Feel brighter, lighter, and more energized with Citrus Essential Oils for aromatherapy and more. 

Our Citrus Essential Oil collection includes some of the best essential oils for boosting mood. With fresh, sweet, vibrant aromas, these essential oils will transport you to a sunlit citrus grove or bring to mind that first sip of cold lemonade on a hot summer day. Citrus Essential Oils are uplifting, cleansing, and invigorating.

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  • Crisp, citrusy, floral; eliminates odors, allergens & pollutants.
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Made from the peels of fruit like lemons, oranges, and tangerines, most Citrus Essential Oils are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants like limonene, which is known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory compound. This gives Citrus Oils and Citrus Oil Blends natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Try these citrus fresh essential oils in homemade cleaners, detergents, air fresheners, hand sanitizers, and more. Citrus Essential Oil Blends are also perfect for DIY skincare. When prediluted in a carrier oil or a nourishing face mask, citrus oils help brighten skin tone, smooth fine lines, treat acne naturally, and may reduce the appearance of sun damage like age spots.

Diffuse the sunny scent of citrus while meditating to balance your solar plexus chakra, or gently inhale to enhance focus, concentration, and memory. Like all Rocky Mountain Essential Oils, our Citrus Essential Oils are GC/MS tested for purity and quality. Learn more here.

Note: Some Citrus Oils are “phototoxic,” which means they may temporarily increase your sensitivity to the sun when used topically. For Citrus Oils that are non-phototoxic and safe to use on exposed skin, we recommend Bergamot FCF, Orange, Tangerine, Blood Orange, and Red Mandarin essential oils.