Educate Yourself with Essential Oils Kits

Can’t decide which essential oils best fit your needs? Our Rocky Mountain Oils Kits can help you make the right choice based on your lifestyle. Whether you’re purchasing a collection for yourself or introducing a friend to essential oils, we offer a wide array of kits uniquely tailored for a range of needs.

If you’re just starting with essential oils, consider purchasing the Single Essential Kit or Blend Essential Kit. These kits have the staple essential oils and essential oil blends to help you begin your experience. Aficionados and beginners alike who are  looking to expand their collections with oils they’ll use frequently might consider the Mom’s Essential Kit.

Essential Oils

In Kits

10 % off
Savory Spice Kit

RMO’s Savory Spice Kit includes four essential oils that help promote a healthy immune system.

10 % off
Cleaning Kit
Rocky Mountain Oils’ Cleaning Kit unites our three signature Cleaning Collection blends to help you clean the entire house without a single chemical cleaning agent.



10 % off
Purification Essential Kit

This kit is a wonderful assist to your body’s immune system.



10 % off
Wellness Essential Kit

Get our best and most powerful essential oils for wellness in one kit.



10 % off
Blend Essential Kit

Get our most popular blend essential oils in one kit!



10 % off
Mom's Essential Starter

We've taken the most essential oils from the Mom's Essential Kit and packaged them in this useful starter kit built just for Mom's on-the-go. 



10 % off
Concentration Essential Kit

One kit to energize you, restore you and help you concentrate!



10 % off
Single Essential Kit

Get our most popular single essential oils in one kit!



10 % off
Mom's Essential Kit

Get our best and most useful essential oils for moms in one kit!



10 % off
Kids Line Complete Kit

RMO's Kids Line Kit is the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the essential oils you love in a safe and effective way



10 % off
Kids Daily Kit

Kids Daily Kit will give your child natural and effective support for the major moments of their daily routine



10 % off
Sweet Spice Kit

RMO's Sweet Spice Kit includes a collection of five essential oils that are perfect for fall.


Essential Oils

In Kits